Uneven Tire Treads Repair


Uneven tire treads can lead to serious safety problems, so they must be fixed as soon as possible in order to prevent dangerous situations. If the tread cannot be repaired, you should change the whole tire. The right tires also impede tire tread to wear down. The proper size for car tires is from 15 to 17 inches, and for SUV tires from 17 to 20 inched. It is recommended to use all-weather or all-terrain tires if the area you are living in has severe weather or rough roads.

Make sure your car has the adequate tires, of the correct size and type. Buy the right tires in case your car doesn`t have them yet because it is better and safer than fixing the treads.

It is very important for the tread not to be worn down. Federal safety standards recommend the tread to be 2/32 of an inch or deeper. There is a very simple way to see if the tire tread is the appropriate one. Insert a penny in the tire groove, with Lincoln`s head going into it. If the penny sinks till Lincoln`s hairline, the tread is good, but if the penny crosses this limit, the tread is worn down.

In order to make even your tire tread you can shave it. Unfortunately, this process will shorten the life of the tire, so use only if it`s the only solution. For shaving the tire you must use a tire truing machine. In case you are not familiar with the shaving tire tread procedure, take your car to a specialized repair or tire shop. It is advisable that a professional handle this tricky and difficult process.

You can recap your tires by replacing the old tread with a new one. There are multiple terms referring to recapping such as retread, re-manufacture and remold, but the tire industry prefers the term retread. The modification usually comes with a warranty that resembles very much the one you get with new tires, so ask for this warranty as a precaution.

If done well, regular car maintenance prevents tire treads to wear down. Some easy preventive actions are rotating the tires, checking their pressure and having the wheels properly aligned. Skipping one of these basic rules can lead to worn down or uneven tire tread for your car. Make sure you do not exceed the recommended weight your tires can bear, as this is another cause of tire tread problems.