Urban garden ideas | The gutter garden


The gutter garden is a great way to save space and grow vegetables and plants. Either you live in Newcastle or another town, this garden can help you salvage the situation. In fact, after you talk to the driveways provider, you should definitely look for some ways of making your living space greener. Plants only require light, water and soil to grow, so make sure you find a place that gets about six hours of sunlight a day. This is one of the best urban garden ideas because you can actually grow food in a small place and take advantage of the vertical spaces around your home. You can even build a cheap space divider or a privacy screen with beautiful flowers blossoming. Contrary to popular belief, neither of these two projects requires a large budget if you know how to pick your tools and designs. In addition, regardless of where you live, if you want to move you can easily move some of the garden with you. Just make sure that you use the best movers in Toronto or any other location.

Materials needed: gutters, gutter end caps, steel cables, cross clamps, eye hooks, steel rods and of course, plants and soil. You will also need tools like a drill, a hand saw, a straight edge, a level, eye protection, tape measure and a marker.

Step 1 – The gutters
If you are not planning to tear down your own gutters, ask the neighbors or place an online request on Craigslist. Make sure you clean them thoroughly so you don’t contaminate the fresh soil with bacteria or pests. If the paint on the guttering is lead based, using it is not indicated. Paint the guttering to protect especially if it’s made of metal. Chose a color that you like or matches the wall or fence. Bring those urban garden ideas you’ve been having to life.

Step 2 – Find the perfect spot
You can hang the gutters on a wall or a fence that is exposed to direct sunlight. If you are planning to attach them to a house wall do it carefully so no leakage occurs. Measure the space available and cut the gutters to the desired length.

Step 3 – Prepare the guttering
Draw reference line in the center of your gutter and mark the holes for the steel cable rods. It is best if the drill has the same diameter as the cable. Drill the holes for the rods and a series of smaller holes down the length of the gutter for water drainage. Put some tape over the drainage holes to keep the soil from seeping.

Step 4 – Attach the guttering
Drill holes smaller in diameter than the screw and make sure they are located at the same distance as the steel cable. After you slide the cable through the holes secure them with cross clamps and half circle steel rods.

Step 5 – Plant
Fill the gutters with soil and add some fertilizer. Chose plants with shallow roots like strawberries, herbs and lettuce. Don’t forget to water regularly. Enjoy one of the greatest urban garden ideas!

Last, but not least, always remember to build the garden after you have discussed with providers and made sure that the driveway is in harmony with the theme of the gutter garden. Also, if you are also working on DIY conservatories, you should make sure that your gutter garden project matches the design of the conservatory and that you can create a harmonious effect between the two.