Useful Tips for Shark Fishing


Shark fishing is one of the most interesting and intense types of fishing. It you are looking for an extreme challenge, shark fishing provides you plenty of it. First you have to know that sharks can only be found in salt water, so their fishing is done only in seas and generally in the middle of the ocean.

Even if most people see it as a sport, there are many types of shark fishing. Among the most popular types is going for the great white shark, because this particular shark is more exciting to catch and fight with.

What follows are a few facts and tips related to shark fishing that will help you have an overall look over this extreme sport.

  • Shark Fishing Info

If you want to fish for sharks, the best time is June or July, because the temperature is the adequate one – not too hot, not too cold. Choosing the coolest spot on the water can increase the chances for catching a shark.

Prepare well before you go fishing, otherwise you will just spend your time and money on a useless trip. In addition, planning is definitely a must.

If you are a beginner, choose a rod and reel that can bear up to 350 pounds on it. If the rod cannot handle 320 pounds, it will break, because sharks are very big and strong. For better chances to catch a shark, you should set up at least three rods per person.

  • Shark Species

Do a little research about shark species before going to fish them. Look for information about their size and ways to attract them. You should find out as much as possible about the specie you are about to fish. A comprehensive approach is the key for success.

If you get a bite, react immediately to it. Sharks are very clever and they act depending on how you handle the situation. The best solution is to tire it out instantly so that you can reel it in, but you should expect and be ready for a long fight.

Plan every detail of your trip in advance. Regarding shark fishing locations, Florida is one of the most popular one. Do some online research about what a shark fishing trip means, the costs of time and money it involves, and also its risks and opportunities.