Using Coupons to Promote Your Business


A nice way to attract new and existing customers alike is to use coupons. Discount tickets are largely considered one of the most persuasive marketing pieces for businesses of all types because they have the power to convert ordinary people into regular buyers. Surprising or not, approximately 90% of consumers use coupons, which is reason enough to include these simple promises in your branding strategy. Shoppers simply love getting things at half price and they will constantly be looking for and if you provide products and services cheaper than other people, you will transform your business into a real success. It is clear that discount tickets are a viable means of promoting your business, but you have to learn how to use them. In what follows we will try to explain how you can use coupons to promote your business.

Make your coupon stand out

The worst mistake you can make is to commit yourself to too many things because you will not be able to keep up to your promises and you customers will definitely be disappointed. Your coupon should not be too generous. On the contrary, it should be as limited as possible. The best course of action is to create a discount ticket on a specific product. Even though your store sells all kinds of things, it is better not to extend your promise to everything in the store. Specific product discounts are more beneficial because they allow for a personalized approach and they generally bring in more customers.

Offer your coupons to reviews sites

Many people do some online research before buying a product because they want to make sure their choice is the best. Therefore, reviews websites such as Popular.Reviews could be a great place for you to promote your coupons and sell more items. You can take a peek at and discover the best ways to offer your coupons to those who access the website to read a review of a certain product.

Make an online coupon for your business

If you want to make sales as quick as possible, you should ensure that your discount tickets make it to the online environment. Websites such as allow you to reach a great number of customers. You will have the opportunity to reach targeted audiences, not to mention that you can test the efficiency of your discount tickets. If you are currently spending a lot on distribution channels, you should really consider advertising online when going after new customers.

Make your coupons exclusive

Providing a sense of scarcity is important for acquiring a customer base. Shoppers do not want to receive what everyone else has. What they want are things that are generally out of their reach, things that they are denied. When issuing a discount ticket, consider limiting the duration. If the coupon expires too soon, the customers will are not likely to come to you. When they finally come to you, reward them with something. Try using a loyalty program.


  1. You are right about the efficiency of coupons, they really attract more customers. The idea is not to exaggerate with them and try to make them as realistic as possible.

  2. I followed your advice and promoted my business by offering online coupons. The results weren’t huge but I could see an improvement. I would recommend it to others as well.

  3. You have given me a great idea to promote my business and gain more customers. I will definitely try it in the near future.

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