Vintage bath ideas


There is no secret that fashion returns both in terms of clothes and the decorations inside. And if everyone runs after vintage clothes, why not give as much importance also to the furniture, accessories and retro fabrics when we decorate the house? Retro bathrooms are opulent, elegant, refined and very attractive. The main elements are brass (taps), wood, wrought iron, male colors, metal details and fabrics with a hint of old.

For a vintage bathroom you have to think of walls covered with wood paneling or which imitates wood and luxurious wallpaper. Unfortunately, wood or wallpaper do not ‘understand’ very well with the moisture characteristic of this room, so you have to find more resistant alternatives. Faience is customary in a modern bathroom and we can use it successfully in a vintage one, as long as we choose it carefully. You need one that imitates wood or wallpaper, in dark colors and with retro patterns. As for the tiles, you must follow the same idea: long tiles in dark colors that imitate wood or stone.

The ‘piece de resistance’ of the room will be the tub. In a retro bathroom, it will be placed in the middle. For it will be the first to attract attention, the tub should be really vintage. When you choose the other elements you can make small compromises, but the tub is not allowed to fall out of the current remembered. The most beautiful tubs are the ones with metal feet, with the upper edges rounded on the outside and the rounded ends are higher than the sides. From here you can go in different color variations, design and shape. Because the version with feet can be harder to assemble you can choose one without feet but with the appearance of an old tub. In terms of material, most likely you will find acrylic tubs even if they have retro design. But the original parts are the ones in cast iron, as they were manufactured in the nineteenth century before the advent of acrylic materials.

Regarding the sink, you have two choices: either you go on a large sink, which includes storage and a countertop used as a vanity or choose a small one with foot or a metal framework. At one point in history, the bathroom sink was used as vanity, with a large mirror, framed and supported on it. The framework was made of wood with intricate carvings, while the sink bowl was from authentic porcelain whether white or decorated with arabesques and patterns characteristic to the Chinese porcelain.

If space allows, you can add a cabinet with a retro look or a cupboard of wood, which will be used for the storage of towels and bathrobes. Also in the bathroom as in the other rooms, accessories say a lot. For a vintage air, you can add monogram towels hand sewn (or similar), some wrought iron chandeliers, a mirror with metal frame, retro bottles with cork for storing cosmetics. Pay attention to accessories such as the toilet paper holder and towels, the toothpaste glass and toothbrush, soap dish. All must fit in the same style, otherwise can ruin the design.