Want to accomplish your New Year’s health resolutions? These tips will help you



Giving up our New Year’s resolutions is just a matter of time. People usually have a hard time following those. But given the continuously increasing health concerns with which people all over the world are struggling, it may be a great idea to stick at least to your health-related resolutions. For instance, you should start eating better, you should start exercising more and you should introduce more ways to eliminate the bad foods and habits from your daily life. As a matter of fact, many tend to stick to such resolutions for approximately a month. After that, the good habits begin to decline, and the “good” old ways make their way back into our schedules. But below we have some amazing tips that will help you stick to your health-related resolutions for longer, and with higher rates of success.

Install a water intake tracking app

Drinking the recommended amount of water daily is an essential part of living a healthier life and sticking to your fitness goals. Staying hydrated will help you maintain perfectly functioning systems in your entire body, including your brain and heart. The recommended daily intake of water is between 30 to 50 ounces, depending on your body mass. However, not all of us find it easy to drink that much water, case in which, we must find a reliable solution. Nowadays, there is an app for everything, luckily, and water intake tracking apps are not an exception. These apps will calculate automatically your necessary water intake and will alert you at pre-established intervals. If you are like many other people, you certainly “forget” to drink water. However, with these smart solutions, this is no longer an issue. Have a glass of water each time your app will remind you to do so, and you will shortly notice the advantages of doing so. You will begin to feel more relaxed, headaches will become fewer and fewer, and you will start feeling better, overall. Also, drinking water has been proven to boost the metabolism, which will help you lose weight more effectively.

Invest in a fitness tracking piece

Fitbit bands are truly amazing when it comes to tracking the daily fitness efforts of one. It also does an amazing job at tracking your sleeping cycles. This will come to your help because you will become more aware of the habits that help you sleep better or on the contrary, worse. A wrist piece such as those found at Mobile Mob will motivate you to get into exercising more often and increase your daily exercise visibly. For instance, many that invested in such products reported that they felt more motivated to take the stairs more often than previously, take longer walks and even walk instead of taking the bus or their personal vehicles. Fitness wristbands are designed in such a manner to follow the guidelines of the American Health Association. This way, each piece will notify the wearer when the daily goal of 10.000 steps is accomplished. The number is not a random one, as it is a benchmark of those who aim to improve their overall health, one step at a time. Wearers that reach the 10.000 daily steps goal are more prone to improve their BMI, waist measurements and their blood pressure at the same time. Thus, if you want to get into exercising more or at least reaching that daily goal, we strongly encourage you to invest in such a wrist piece. Knowing at all times where you situate yourself with your daily fitness goals will motivate you to take measurable action towards your fitness goals.

Calorie intake apps are amazing

In order to achieve your dream body, you must bear in mind the simple and incredibly effective CICO philosophy. CICO is an abbreviation for “Calories-In, Calories-Out” and is the simple strategy you can apply in order to shed some pounds. Calorie intake apps are simply amazing because based on the data that you introduce, they will make recommendations on how many calories you should consume daily in order to maintain your current weight or on the contrary, to lose some weight. Generally, these apps will ask you to introduce some variables, such as your current weight, height and level of daily activity. Based on these, they will automatically calculate your daily calorie intake and make recommendations on how much you should eat daily in order to shed some pounds in a healthy and sustainable fashion. Then you will introduce, daily, what type of food you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and what snacks are you having. This will allow you to stick to your fitness goals with more ease. Some apps like these even make recommendations in terms of daily menus, based on your dietary needs, which is another incredible advantage.

Workout apps will become your personal fitness trainer

We all know that finding the necessary motivation to workout on a daily basis is more than difficult. Daily life-related issues might make us neglect the importance of those ten minutes per day in which we should work our muscles. Luckily, some app developers have thought about such matters as well, and they developed in collaboration with professional fitness trainers, apps to incorporate a series of exercises that will transform your body in no time. For instance, the “Lose Weight in 30 Days” app that can be found in app stores will recommend daily exercises, that will boost your metabolism by working out each muscle in your body. As many reviews on the official page claim, this app does a great job at reminding the user that it’s workout time, as well as keeping them motivated enough to stick to the recommended workout schedule. Not having enough money for a gym subscription is no longer an excuse, because these wokouts don’t need any type of equipment in order to be accomplished.

These are some great technological means that will help you to stick to your health and fitness goals in 2018. These are free of any charges or affordable, and not having enough money is no longer an excuse you should use.