Wax Ski Boards Tips


It is very important to maintain your ski boards clean otherwise your investment would be in vain. In order to increase performance, wax your ski boards on a general basis. This maintenance process will ensure the optimal control and it does not require complicated actions.

All you need for waxing your ski boards is wax, wax iron, soft cotton towel and sponge for wax application. Below you can find some tips to follow in order to obtain a quality waxing for your ski boards.

Tip 1: When you buy ski boards, ask for an initial waxing for them, as ski shops generally gives you a discount for some maintenance options when purchasing from them. It is vital for your ski boards to be waxed before using them.

Tip 2: There is a debate whether riders should wax their ski boards or let a professional do this job. If you are a frequent user, the best thing is learning to do this operation by yourself, because the costs for specialized waxing services are usually very high. All you have to do is find out the right waxing techniques and the best products.

Tip 3: Before applying the first layer of wax, examine the bottom of your skiboards. If there are many scratches and imperfections caused by the bumpy ride down the hill, this can mean your boards need more layers of wax.

Tip 4: Use a wax iron so that you can avoid wax buildup and unbalanced application. The wax iron resembles a lot with the one used for clothes and they are not very expensive. The wax iron gives you the possibility to apply wax evenly, but it also provides a quicker dry.

Tip 5: After every ski trip, make sure you wax your ski boards in order to keep their integrity for longer. In fact, applying a coat of ski board wax after every escapade should become a habit. This way, your ski boards will be always ready for the next trip.

Tip 6: When the wax has dried, wipe the bottom of your boards with a soft cotton towel. This action is necessary because even if you use a wax iron, there may be small pockets of build up that have to be removed in order to achieve a surface without irregularities. Also use the towel to clean off debris before you go on your ski boarding adventure.