Ways a Woman Can Increase Her Libido


Changes in the libido are experienced by each woman throughout her life. There are many factors that influence her libido, from lifestyle change to taking certain medicines.

First of all, there should be a made a distinction between libido (sex drive) and sexual arousal. Libido is the desire and interest in sex, while arousal refers to the physical response of the body. They are closely related, because a great libido generally leads to an easier arousal, while a lower libido usually means difficulties in getting aroused. The point is to increase libido in order to get aroused easier.

Below you can find a list with reasons and solutions related to a woman`s libido.

  • Lifestyle

When young, most women have a high sex drive, but as they get older, their libido dramatically decreases. They simply cannot find time for sex, because they have other priorities such as work, kids or homemaking. In the moment they have some spare time they prefer reading a good book or getting some sleep, instead of having sex.

Still, sex is an extremely important part of any relationship, so make sure you do it. If you feel you cannot find time, schedule it into the calendar. Have sex at least one or two nights a week, but remember that the novelty can make it much better. Consequently, use sex toys, video or new techniques.

  • Mindset

If you are stressed, anxious or have some fears, of course sex is the last thing you can think about, so your libido is way down. Besides the everyday worries, there is the anxiety related to sex itself, but also the fear for STD or getting pregnant.

To get your mindset positive, ensure your body is healthy and strengthen your mind by doing things that makes you happy. A healthy body and mind is the premise for enjoying good sex.

  • Routine

Routine and boredom kill your libido. After 15 years of relationship it is normal to be bored by your partner, but there are ways to fix this. Try a new approach for sex and make it a brand new experience. Talk to your partner about what you would like to try in bed and make it happen, no matter if it`s about new sex positions, sex toys, playing parts or watching sexy videos. Even if you may be embarrassed at first, be open minded and you will soon discover that these new experiences brings you satisfaction.

  • Relationship Problems

Don`t let any conflict or issue unresolved, because the level of attraction for your partner can wane substantially. A good communication is the key for a good relationship, so discuss with your partner any issue you have with him, otherwise resentment will increase and libido will decrease. If the problems in the bed persist, see a sex therapist and figure out a solution.

  • Complex Related to Physical Appearance

Nobody is 100% satisfied with the way they look. We all have our imperfections, but the best way to deal with them is to accept them. Only if you are happy with your body you can feel positive about sex.

  • Getting Older

Menopause and decreased testosterone production lead to libido decrease, but the anxieties from getting older have their share, too. When facing menopause, see a doctor, because there are many changes your body is going through, including decreasing the sex drive. One solution is using estrogens or hormone therapy, because they increase sexual arousal and libido.

  • Sexual Abuse

People who were sexually abused can encounter serious difficulties related to sex. It takes time to surpass this painful experience, so nobody should be rushed into sex. Fortunately, there are many people who experienced sexual assault and they are now having full and healthy sexual relationships. Time, understanding and counseling are needed.

  • Medication

Birth control pills decrease your libido, because lowered androgen and testosterone production lead to less sex drive and lower vaginal lubrication. Some of the other medications with this effect are tranquilisers, high blood pressure pills, mood stabilizers, and drugs that treat depression. See a doctor before making any change in your medication.

  • Medical Disorders

Thyroid problems or hormone deficiency are among the medical problems that negatively affects our libido. Metabolic disorders such as eating disorder, trauma or illness are also causes of decreased libido