Web design tips that will make your website more successful


We all want to have a beautifully designed website with good web design and yet, surprisingly, it’s not that easy. So what is it that great web designers know and the rest of us don’t?The key to great web design is actually very simple: you have to understand the general rules for good design and follow them – all the time. Let us make sure that this never happens to you. Web Design Tips: With the growing importance of websites as a sales channel and marketing tool, web design is becoming an increasingly important skill. The key to good web design is writing. Fortunately, the last 5000 years have dealt with how texts are written and how they can be structured. Here are a few golden rules for typography.

Choose a three-color palette and stick to it

When it comes to choosing a color palette, it’s important to stick to it consistently. This is most important when it comes to creating a coherent color palette for your website. For example when you open highly skilled and well-designed commercial websites, the offers or items on the website such as the best casino bonus codes can be seen in colors matching the site’s general aspect and the offers are often highlighted with gold or another neutral color.

There are many ways to create color palettes on the Internet that are perfectly coordinated. Play with these color palettes and find the one that best suits your business.

Make sure your photos are the right size

Remember that the internet is pixel based. So if you use images that are not big enough, they look pixelated. And pixelated images look professional. Would you like to work with people who look unprofessional at first impression? Probably not.

So if you are looking for pictures for your website, make sure that you get the pictures in the right size. Clear images add a lot more credibility to your website and as long as you should trust someone else, this is very important. So if the picture is too small, don’t use it!

Not only should you create an impressive website, you should also think of stunning images. You don’t need a design background to decide which image looks good. My advice for you: take a few minutes to research some good stock pictures and don’t just take any picture. Images should appeal to emotions if you want to get your website visitors’ attention.

If your picture is big, clear, and relevant, then you should take it. You cannot emphasize this point often enough – the right image can make up or destroy a web design. No matter how beautiful a website layout is, having the wrong image can distract users’ attention and adversely affect your goals.

Remember that your website visitors only scan websites.

The most important web design tip is therefore the simplest: give all your website content enough space to breathe. This helps you to increase the legibility and sharpness and does not overwhelm users with walls full of text.

Too large and long texts unfortunately discourage your users quickly. Text is necessary to ensure that users consume your messages, but enough paragraphs, symbols and alternative media such as small pictures and videos loosen up communication considerably.

Keep it simple

Less is more. However, it is often less difficult to achieve. The biggest mistake I often see with bad web designs is that too many elements have been added (bold! Underline! Icons and images!) To emphasize a certain point. Simplicity is the key to effectively highlighting your key points and making it easier for website visitors to understand your messages.

Get rid of excess.

Keep your website as simple as possible for your visitors. The number of clicks your website visitor has to make to get what he needs should be as low as possible.

Colors are not the most important thing

Yes, adding colors to your website is usually the most “fun” part of web design. You can say that because it seems to be the easiest. However, this is also the biggest disadvantage because non-designers cannot understand the influence of colors in web design so well. Colors are NOT for decoration – colors should be used sparingly and only to make things stand out.

Designing a lot with gray seems boring, but I promise that using it would benefit you the most. Choosing neutral colors for the background elements emphasizes the colored elements on your page and your logo. This will help your website visitors better understand which elements are relevant and will focus more on them.

If you decide against these tips and use additional colors, please do so responsibly. Use the HTML color codes for your website so that any colors use consistently and consistently.


With these web design tips we give you a good piece of strategy for your inbound marketing . Remember, conversion is always the goal, and the more transparent you make decisions for your users, the easier it will be for them to get involved. If you were to restrict yourself to a golden rule of web design , then this would probably be: create a web design and stick to it. Consistency is key. Nothing destroys your web design faster than an assembled web design that has been mixed from different styles.