Wedding Planning Tips


A perfect weeding needs perfect planning. The right approach is a must for things to happen exactly how you wish for. Therefore, to avoid stress and unpredictable situations, wedding planning should be done logically and in advance. Below there are some helpful guidelines you should follow if you want a successful wedding.

Timing is very important, so the wedding planning must start within nine months to a year before the big day. Announce the engagement to the family and friends, then set the wedding date and the guest list. Guests have to know long in advance so that they can manage their time right and make sure they attend. By delaying the announcement of the wedding date, there is the possibility that guests cannot rearrange their program and be able to participate.

You can hire a professional wedding coordinator to help you with the planning. This way, you will be sure that everything runs according to the plan. Still, if you are confident and think you can do all by yourself, take some DIY classes where you can learn useful techniques related to wedding planning.

Be realistic about finances and set a budget. Formulate some budgetary goals and stick with them. You should know from the beginning the amount of money needed for the wedding, so decide where you want to save and the way bills will be shared. A planner would help you a lot, because you can write down appointments, organize and keep track of the payments in an accurate way.

Decide upon the ceremony place and the wedding theme. Choose the time of the day you want your wedding to take place – the morning, afternoon or evening. Book the wedding location, the place for the reception, and any officials required.

Select and order your bridal gown, as well as the bridesmaid dresses. Begin planning your honeymoon and prepare all the necessary documents for travelling such as passports or visas. Also make sure you have all the documentation for marriage licensing.

Decide the type of entertainment you want for your wedding and book the DJ, band, or musicians. Do a little research and book photographers, videographers, caterers, and florists. Take into consideration their pricing and previous work. Make your gift registries and choose bridesmaids and flower girls.

When the wedding is four to six weeks close, fit the bridesmaid dresses. At this time, you should also reserve rentals, choose decorators, pick out the invitations and send them. Reserve hotel rooms for guest travelling from out of town. Purchase accessories for bride and bridesmaids.

Take engagement pictures and choose the wedding cake two to four months before the happy event. Book transportation, hair stylist and makeup artist. Also make sure you get the marriage license. Plan the wedding menu, buy bridal and wedding party gifts, and finalize the rehearsal dinner plan.

Confirm all appointments, assign table sitting and enjoy your bachelorette party. Make sure you have discussed all details with your suppliers and contractors, so that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day.

The wedding is now just around the corner, so complete all other details. Remember that rigorous wedding planning guarantees you a splendid and flawless day you will remember all your life.