Wedding Toasts Considerations


Wedding toasts and speeches occupy an extremely important place in the wedding dinner as they celebrate love and the newlyweds. Words of good wishes, funny stories and jokes are said while toasting glasses of champagne in the honor of the couple that starts a new life together.

Legitimated by a long-standing tradition, some wedding speeches are planned long before the event while others are characterized by spontaneity as the wedding toaster express his or her feelings and wishes without planning ahead.

The first wedding toast is generally delivered by the best man. He says a few words on the groom`s behalf, but not forgetting to mention the bride also and greet the guests. Usually the best man wedding toast includes funny short tales about the groom, but it is advisable not to be embarrassing. The main role of this wedding toast is to offer a personal insight on the groom.

After the best man finished his speech, it`s time for the other weeding toasts to begin. Another must-be-said speech is the one of the maid of honor. Being the bride`s representative, she usually says some nice words and significant stories about the bride.

The parents of the groom and bride as well as other guests can also grab the microphone and deliver wedding toasts that support, encourage and celebrate the newlyweds while also providing special insights on the couple. Toasting time is the best transition from the formal ceremony to a less formal and more relaxed part of the wedding

Regardless if the reception is formal or informal, a weeding toast must be proposed after all the glasses have been filled with champagne. The speaker should start by raising the champagne glass with the right hand and hold it straight out from the shoulder.

This gesture was considered an act of good intentions back in the past. Another tradition with centuries ago roots is to speak loudly in order to scare evil spirits. The clinking of the glasses at the end of the wedding toasts can be related to the sound of bell ring which was also considered to be able to keep away bad spirits.

During the time of the wedding toasts, the bride and groom must not raise their glasses. They are the ones who are being greeted and everybody else should raise their glasses to them. Instead, the celebrated couple should taste the champagne at the end of each toast, as a conclusion.

The tradition says that wedding toasts should be made at the rehearsal dinner and during the marriage reception. Generally, they follow the meal or the cutting of the cake.