What I love and hate about my Red Epic


I have always been passionate about photography and cinematography and this is precisely why I established my own production company. I started by taking on odd jobs in the field and armed with my second hand cameras, because I was far from affording a Red camera at that point, I tried my best to improve my skills every day. In the end, I believe that my passion for work and drive to get better allowed me to become renowned on the local dedicated market. From a boy that would have to wait weeks for an official work to pop up and surviving from personal projects I became someone that needs to turn down offers because I am too busy to complete them all. I have always been a fan of the Red cameras and always wanted to own one. For a long time, I resorted to Red Epic hire Sydney services and seeing it at work for the first time convinced me that I had to have it. I loved everything about it; the way it handled and the clarity of the image were the top of the list.

However, it took a while for me to afford buying two Red Epic cameras, because a professional camera can only be considered a great investment for someone that owns a small production company. The price is almost the only thing that I have to complain about when it comes to the Red Epic, because a more affordable price would have helped get it sooner. Even though you need to make a great initial investment, buying the Red Epic surely pays off. The reason I bought two cameras instead of one is simple: a professional videographer needs to have a backup on site. At least that is my philosophy. Of course, I never had problems with the camera and that is to be expected and I found a really useful application for the backup as well, I mounted it on a drone. I took the idea from a major production company from which I hired Red Epic in the past.

Even though I have a lots of complains financially, I have to say that the Red Epic is truly impressive when it comes to image quality and it does wonders with under exposing. I know that there are many people like myself that would love to shoot a film using this awesome camera, but cannot afford it, so I believe that Red Epic hire Sydney services are truly useful. Investing money I a Red Epic drone turned out to be the best idea I could have had. The short movies filmed with the camera drone were truly what I would call epic and it provided me lots of inspiration for future projects as well. I secretly believe that part of my success is also because of the performance of the Red camera and the numerous applications of the drone. In conclusion, if you are wondering whether using a Red Epic is a good idea or not, don’t think about is, just do it, because you will not regret it.