What is Motorsport?


Many people don’t know what is motorsport and what types of motor racing exist. Motorsport or motorsports is a category of competitive events, both racing and non-racing, with motorized vehicles. MotoSport is an off-road motorcycle racing. This is a very popular sport that has made a huge progress since 1900, because of technological innovations that led to the development of high-quality vehicles. The activity that involves drivers racing against each other is called motor racing and it includes motorcycle racing, auto racing, snowmobile racing, truck racing, boat racing, kart racing, motor rallying and air racing.

The first automobile prototypes were created in the 18th century, after the industrial revolution, and were only purchased by noble families. Horse racing was the most popular form of competition in that time, that is why motorsport still uses many words related to that sport. If you don’t know what is motosport and how it can be related to horse racing, think of the words “horsepower” and “race”. This competition born from the nobility began with the arrival of the second automobile in the world.

In 1895, Henry Timken judged the first auto race and in 1911 he witnessed Ray Harroun win the first Indianapolis 500 in his Marmon Wasp. Timken witnessed two young men race on the beach at a speed of 77 mph, a land speed record, event that inspired him to produce the roller bearing and the “Timken spring”. Twenty years later, the Timken bearings were used in a Le Mans race, and they were also used on almost 80 percent of U.S. automobiles. Even today, major racing championship are won with vehicles equipped with Timken products.

A motor race, just like a horse race, is an event with spectators that come to the track to watch the races. Motorsport is a “family-oriented” sport, because very often families come to see the races and spend quality time together. After all, what is motorsport without the fans and supporters? Many tracks are even located near fun parks, hotels and museum. The people that watch the events from home or the track, the photographers and track personnel are “motorsport participants”.

One of the most important rule of motorsport is safety. Flags like the black and white checkered model meaning “the end of the competition” or “goal” are used to communicate. The yellow flag means “danger, decrease speed”, the blue flag “allow cars behing to pass”, green for “no obstacles” and the red fag means “suspended.”

In motorsport, the fastest vehicle doesn’t always win. The victory depends not only on the driver, but the crew also. Teamwork is the closest path to winning, from the top of the team to the mechanic.