What Not to Say to a Man


Men really are from Mars and women are from Venus when it is about communication. There are those simple words that apparently look inoffensive, but in fact are latent bombs because men and women perceive them differently.
In order to prevent disasters, what follows is a list with things women should never say to men:

  • “That looks cute”

Men hate the word “cute”, at least most part of them do. They don`t want to see it, hear it and be it. If you tell a man he looks cute on that clothes, don`t be surprised if he`ll change as soon as possible. Cute is not an attribute he wants to be associated with, as he is masculine, powerful and protective.

  • “We need to talk”

These four simple words make men go into fight mode. They will do anything it takes to avoid the conversation this phrase announces. If you want to start a delicate subject, approach them in another way.

  • “Come on, it`s just a game”

A game is not just a game, it`s a way of life. Sports play a major part in men`s life, even if they can be perceived as immature and worthless. Men just care about sports.

  • “There`s nothing wrong”

Everything is wrong when women say nothing is wrong. Men are not mind readers, so don`t make them guess, just tell them what`s wrong.

  • “I sound like my mom”

Men pray the saying “every woman ends up looking like their mother” is not true. The simple fact of picturing you turning into your mom scares men, so keep it for yourself.

  • “I just want us to be friends”

Men hate this phrase. It is also confusing for them. Most men interpret it as “I still have a chance”, so if you really don`t like the guy, be honest and tell him the truth so he can move on.

  • “Size doesn`t matter”

Yes, it does, so don`t lie. It is better not to mention this subject at all, because men in this situation are doing their best and try to make up in other ways.

  • “What are you wearing?”

Men wear either what is clean or what you tell them to. They don`t function like women do, so they don`t plan their wardrobe days ahead. All they want is to look presentable, sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don`t. Men accept suggestions, but nicely done.

  • “Do you think she`s pretty?”

Of course the answer is positive, so you`d better not even ask this question. It`s in men`s DNA to admire an attractive woman walking by, but this doesn`t mean they love you less.