What to Consider When Buying a Robotic Pool Cleaner

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Consider yourself lucky in case you have a pool. You can swim, relax and spend quality time with your family and friends whenever you want. On the other hand, you need to clean your pool regularly in order to avoid having health problems. Are you wondering how to do that in the most efficient manner possible? If so, then the answer is simple, get a robotic pool cleaner. However, this is a purchase that will take you back a few hundreds of dollars at least, so you must be careful what you choose. Here is what you should consider when buying an automatic pool cleaner.

Choose a robotic cleaner that cleans the walls of your pool as well

In case you decide to buy an automatic pool cleaner, it is recommended you get one that doesn’t only clean the water but the walls as well. You will need a machine like this in order to get rid of the debris from your pool’s walls. In order to avoid having health problems, the water from your pool and the walls as well must be extremely clean at all times. A robotic pool cleaner will certainly do a great job, keeping the environment safe and clean for your enjoyment.

Cartridge filter that is easy to clean

You certainly don’t want to spend too much time on cleaning the cartridge filter. After all, your dream is to swim in the pool for as long as possible, not waste too much time on tedious cleaning and maintenance work. Some robotic pool cleaners come with a cartridge filter which is very hard to clean. This is why you should have this aspect in mind when buying a robotic pool cleaner and choose one with a cartridge filter that it won’t take you very long to clean it. Also, for hassle-free maintenance work, make sure it is designed to ensure easy access to the filter.

Extended warranty period

Generally, products that are on the market and have a long warranty period are extremely efficient. It is the same with automatic pool cleaners as well, a lengthy warranty indicating that the manufacturer trusts the product it has released to customers. You definitely need to look for a pool cleaner with an extended warranty period. By doing so, you won’t need to worry if at some point the machine breaks down. It will be repaired or even replaced by the company without you being charged a cent for the operation as long as you use the device as instructed in the user manual it comes with.

Pre-cleaning calculation feature

In case you are planning to buy a robotic pool cleaner, then you definitely must get one that comes with a pre-cleaning calculation feature. This means that the machine calculates the size of your pool and then it automatically programs itself to do the most efficient cleaning by following the shortest path possible. This is without any doubt an amazing feature, and even if a robotic pool cleaner that comes with a pre-cleaning calculation feature is quite expensive, it is definitely worth the money.

Low energy consumption

Considering how high energy bills for modern homes where everything seems to run on electricity are, you do not want to end up purchasing a pool cleaner that will add too much to the final sum of the bill. Check the spec sheet for the product or the manufacturer’s website to find out its energy consumption. A model that costs 5-15 cents per hour to operate is what we recommend you aim for as these are the best in terms of low energy consumption.

Choose a robotic cleaner that is capable to clean the pool steps

In case you have steps in your pool, then you should definitely choose a robotic pool cleaner that can easily clean your steps and tight spaces as well. Remember that all of your pool needs to be clean, not only the water and the walls. A good robotic pool cleaner will not only clean the water but the corners and the steps of your pool as well. If a complete and thorough cleansing of this environment is not ensured, consequences will be severe as your health will be affected by the dirty water you swim in.