What to Look for When Shopping for a Bread Maker


If you enjoy making all sorts of bread recipes, but you don’t like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, a bread maker can be the best addition in your kitchen. With this practical machine you can make different bread recipes that are delicious and fun to make. In addition to that, you can use for other purposes, to make pasta or pizza dough and even to make jam. So, if you want to buy a bread maker, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.


Bread makers can range from $60 to $300. The price can range depend on many aspects, the programmable options and capacity of the bread maker. However, size doesn’t influence the price of bread machine as compared to other appliances, like refrigerators or microwave ovens. So you might wonder why is then important to pay a little more on a bread machine if all can produce a good loaf of bread. The less expensive models that cost under $100 are not as efficient at producing an even and flavorful loaf of bread. So it’s best to invest more than $100 dollars on a bread machine, if you want to take advantage of its various features and make unique bread recipes.

Kneading paddles

Most bread makers come with 1 or two kneading paddles and even the ones that include only one paddle offer a spare paddle too. The kneading paddle come in different shapes, depending on what you are planning to make. There are many bread machines that come with a paddle specifically made for mixing bread dough and a spare one for making pasta dough. In order to have best results, it’s recommended to opt for a bread maker that includes 2 paddles because these particular models can work as well as kneading the dough by hand.

Programmable options

As we already mentioned earlier, bread machines differ in pricing between brands based on how many programmable options or features they come with. Programmable options are very practical, because they allow you to control the color of the crust or how long you want to rise, knead or bake your bread. Most of the bread makers available on the market include pre-programmed settings, such as whole-wheat, white bread, gluten free or sweet.

Size and capacity

The size of a bread maker is another decisive factor that makes the difference between a high quality bread maker and one that is of decent quality. However, it’s only a matter of preference. If you want to make bread often for small families, you can choose a bread machine that is capable of making from 1 pound to 2 pound loaves of bread. Id, on the other hand, you make bread very often and for many people, go with a bread maker that has a bigger capacity.