Home Security – What Company Provides the Best Services


To ensure the complete protection and safety of your home, you have to appeal to a home security company that will provide you with proper equipment and services. To make sure that the help you are seeking is qualitative and your money is going towards the right company, you must first compare what the best have to provide, and here we will help you do that. The companies that we will look into are Protect America, ADT, and FrontPoint, the giants of the industry at the moment.


Protect America:

  • Control panel: It’s the mainframe, and devices are connected to it through wireless technology.
  • Motion systems: For standard windows, doors, and glass. These systems will not activate when your pet, for example, is going in or out of the house as it ignores weights under 40 pounds as there is a special sensor set into place.
  • Special sensors: It includes sensors for flooding, fire, and carbon monoxide to further prevent hazardous occurrences.


  • Touchscreen panel: It provides a more modern mainframe for the whole security system as opposed to the classic-style control panel Protect America offers.
  • Sensors: It comes with sensors for the windows glass, and doors, motion sensors that activate when intruders try to get into your home.


  • Control panel: The GE Simon XT control panel it comes with lets you manage the entire system conveniently, over the smartphone, thus providing you with connection and access to the 39 sensors included.
  • Sensors: It features standard windows, door, glass, and motions sensors. Also, it features carbon monoxide, flood, and fire sensors.

Note: ADT doesn’t provide flood, fire, and carbon monoxide sensors like the two competitor companies do, which is a considerable downside.


  • Protect America: It provides mobile and tablet control to match the modern lifestyle we lead. The cameras included are meant only for indoor use so you cannot rely on them to monitor activity in the backyard. Advanced automation features include GPS security and medical panic that is suitable for households when elders or people with severe medical issues live.
  • ADT: Mobile and tablet control is provided for your convenience, and it even uses the Z-Wave technology. Just like Protect America, it provides cameras that are designed solely for indoor use. Additionally, it offers advanced automatic features which include pulse automation, automated door locks, light control, and energy control.
  • FrontPoint: It uses the Z-Wave technology and provides mobile and tablet control. As opposed to its competitors, it provides cameras that can be used indoors, as well as outdoors so you can monitor activity on your entire property, not only inside the house. Furthermore, it offers automation features like light control, energy control, temperature control, and automated door locks.


When it comes to prices, ProtectAmerica asks for a monthly fee of $35, just like FrontPoint, while ADT asks for a $37 monthly fee. Both ProtectAmerica and FrontPoint don’t ask money for the installation and activation of their home security systems. On the other hand, ADT asks for a one-time fee for the installation process. Last but not least, when it comes to equipment, ADT and ProtectAmerica don’t ask money at all, while FrontPoint asks for a one-time fee.


After analyzing what each of the most appreciated and trusted home security companies have to offer, it’s clear that FrontPoint is the best option at the moment. The reasonable prices, complex automation, and quality equipment used make it your ideal pick for safety at home.