White water rafting


White water rafting is an extreme activity that requires a group of people to use an inflatable raft in order to navigate a river. This recreational adventure is usually performed on white water which is a bubbly or foamy water surface that is created when a river’s gradient is increased and creates turbulence. Due to the fact that rafting involves a struggle between man and the forces of nature it can be quite dangerous therefore it is considered an extreme sport.

A raft length can vary from 11 to 20 feet and its width from 6 to 8 feet. According to the raft’s model it can be maneuvered in multiple ways. Most rafts have a paddle at the stern which is used in order to steer. The oars can be placed in a central position or at the rear. White water rafting usually involves a group which means that team spirit is essential in order to win the fight against nature.

There are 6 grades of white water which can be considered six levels of rafting difficulty. The first grade is quite safe for beginners as it requires very few manoeuvrings. The second grade can require average maneuvering skills since some obstacles may be encountered. The fourth grade is slight more dangerous as it presents a significant number of obstacles and maybe even a sudden drop. The fifth grade is only recommended for expert rafters as it can be life threatening. It evolves a lot of obstacle and some very challenging drops. The sixth level is so dangerous that it isn’t even recommended for this activity. The great number of rocks and large falls are beyond the capabilities of a raft therefore practicing an extreme sport in such waters can have catastrophic results.

If you are a beginner at this sport it is recommended that you use an agency in order to plan this adventure for you. They will have all the proper information regarding the difficulty of a route and will be prepared with adequate safety measures. However even under these conditions you still need to be extremely cautious. You should never engage in a private white water rafting endeavor unless both you and your team members know the river route very well and are familiar with all the obstacles. When performing private rafting make sure not to violate local rules. Some regions have regulations regarding this sport. The purpose of these rules is to protect the environment. Last but not least keep in mind that although this is a recreational activity, in order to be safe you must be completely focused.