Why all School Gymnasiums Need Scorer Tables


Scorer tables have become essential pieces of equipment in college sport courts, as they add a professional vibe to sport competitions. They also have a lot of practical benefits, but despite these benefits, they are not very popular in school gymnasiums. Yes, score tables are considerable investments, which schools can rarely afford. However, this piece of equipment can be exactly what a gymnasium needs in order to revive school sport competitions. In what follows, we will give you 3 strong reasons why schools should invest in score tables.

They are an important source of revenue

Score tables have many functions. They can display important game messages, player information, audience prompts and much more. However, their main use is to display advertisements during games. These advertisements can be an important source of revenue for the school. So, despite the fact that a scoring table can be quite pricey, it will pay for itself in a few months, after which it will start generating revenue, which the school can use for renovations or for educational projects.

They engage the crowd

If you want to draw bigger crowds to school competitions, you must find ways to make the game more engaging. Sometimes, it can be hard for the audience to follow the game, and the prompts that the scoring table displays make it easier for the crowd to keep up with the game. Show the audience, which player just scored a major point for their team or which player is about to try a 3 point shot. The best digital scorer tables can show not only text but also player pictures and special animations for certain game moments.

They are a great coaching tool

A simple way in which coaches teach is by drawing strategies on a board and then going over what went well and what went bad during a game. However, the best way for players to see their team’s strengths and weaknesses is to watch the video of the game. This is often hard to achieve as gyms are not equipped with TVs. So coaches need to find available classrooms that are equipped with a TV in order watch the game videos. This would not be necessary if the gymnasium had a digital scoring table that can play videos. And if the school decides to buy the scorer table, no one needs to worry about its safety. These pieces of equipment are very sturdy, and they can handle anything from receiving a direct ball hit or having students stand on them.