Witty tips to take into account when moving homes



For many of us, the process of moving into a new home may be a frightening one. However, with some tips and tricks, everybody can end up having a pleasurable experience, an experience lacking completely the dreadful moments that usually mark these events. For instance, using a public storage facility may help people get rid of the process of managing their goods while moving, providing more movement space for arranging the new home. However, below we have a series of incredibly witty tips and tricks that will make the entire process of moving home a more pleasurable one.

Self-storage units are a goldmine

Not only you can move in such facilities the items which you aren’t sure yet how you’ll be using in the new home, but you can also store in such facilities the items of most value to you. Pieces of furniture, antiques, and pretty much any other item that needs to be stored in a fully-controlled environment, without your worrying about their safety. You may already be well-aware that these facilities have incredible security levels, of all types. From alarm systems installed on each unit, to on-site security employees, which will assure the necessary security at the designated place. In order to profit from these facilities to the maximum, you most probably have to use a dedicated platform, a platform which will help you identify a unit near your new residence, and that also fits perfectly into your price range. Also, depending on the type of items which will be stored in your unit, you’ll have to opt for a climatically-controlled unit, a great investment if you choose to deposit in the unit furniture or goods of high value.

Never make out of your moving day a DIY process

Although this may be tempting, it will definitely turn out to be a bad idea, a waste of time and money, and not to mention energy. Because of this reason, it would be perfect to hire the services of a removal company, able to deliver some of the most amazingly professional services. Also, from the money perspective, you can be sure that you’ll get rid of the process of a considerably lower price. For instance, people usually neglect the fact that they’ll have to invest in a multitude of supplies, from bubble wrap, to cardboard boxes and other similar supplies, which used improperly, they become useless. And given the fact that you are somehow unskilled, wasting unnecessary amounts of supplies is a realistic expectation. The removal company will make sure that they’ll come with all the necessary supplies, while making sure that they’ll keep all your belongings safe, including some of your most valuable items.

Create an inventory

It’s highly important to always know where your belongings are. Create an inventory, which includes the places where you can find those. For instance, create an inventory of the items stored in the self-storage unit, which are at your new residence, and which ones are at relatives and friends. This will make your life easier, since you’ll be able to identify in no time where your belongings are.

Label ALL your storage boxes

No matter we’re speaking of the boxes that you plan to store in your storage unit or those that will be directly transported in the new residence, you must carefully label those all, in order to make the process of finding various objects considerably easier. If not, you’ll have to search through all your boxes, which might prove itself quite of a dreadful process. It’s always good to be present when the removal company comes by, and guide them how to sort through your belongings. After each box is filled, simply stick a label on it, and your life will become ten times easier. Another amazing tip is not to overpack your boxes. This, because they may become too fragile under the weight of your belongings and might break down, ruining all your belongings.

Use ziplock bags for all items that may start to leak

Body lotions, medicine and pretty much anything that may start leaking in the moving process should be placed in ziplock bags before placing those into boxes. This will prevent unfortunate accidents from happening. Also, a great idea would be not to place such items together with electronics, such as plugs and other similar objects. Again, for safety reasons.

Pack a 1st day box

Clothing, pyjamas, toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and some snacks should be all included in a 1st day box. This will make you accommodate better in the new home, and will also save you from going through all boxes for finding these essentials. Also, a great tip for your second day would be to pre-order some food and have it delivered at your doorstep at the chosen time. This way, you won’t have to worry about cooking or what you’ll all be eating during those days.

In your new home, make the bed first

Wight after reaching your new residence, we advise you to start making your bed right away. You may be tempted to leave this for later, when you’re ready to go to sleep, but chances are, you will be too tired to make your bed as well. Children should do the same in their rooms. This will allow you to stay involved in the process of arranging your new home until later, without dreading the thought that you’ll have to prepare your bed for sleep.

Be mindful of the clothing that you wear

It seems obvious, but you shouldn’t wear anything too tight or filled with accessories. These may lead to a series of accidents, that will turn your moving experience into a nightmare. Depending on the season, procure some comfy, not too tight, but not too loose clothing items and you will certainly have a more pleasurable experience while moving homes.

This is our short list of things you should do in order to have a pleasant experience when moving homes.