Wooden flooring for your bathroom – is it the right choice?


When it comes to what type of flooring materials to use in a house, people usually choose the traditional ones for each room, which are hardwood or laminate for bedrooms, wooden flooring or porcelain for kitchen, and ceramic tiles or porcelain for bathroom. Most people believe these are the best options someone can choose, but why not try to think outside the box. You can use a certain flooring type in a room that you would not normally use and if you take great care of it, there are high chances you will not encounter any problems. As a result, in the past years, people appealed to pavimenti in legno for their bathroom flooring, which, contrary to what others believe, is a good choice.

Wooden flooring for your bathroom is it the right choice


Make the right decision

If you have decided to install wooden flooring in your bathroom, you should take into consideration several factors in order to avoid any potential problems. First, choose a wooden material that is highly resistant to water. You can even ask for professional advice if you find it difficult to choose the right one. Most experts believe that engineered wood flooring might work well in bathrooms, because this type of flooring is made from several layers, which prove to be more stable than other wooden floorings, because they are less prone to move in environments such as bathrooms, where the level of humidity is relatively high.

Tips for a good maintenance

In order to maintain the wooden flooring in your bathroom in good condition for a longer period, you have to take great care of it and take into account every specification your professional supplier gives you. The key to avoid any problems is a good maintenance. You have to clean the floor every time you go out of the bathroom in order not to leave any spillages that can cause damage to your wooden floor. Moreover, you should not let any wet towels on the floor. Place some bath mats or rugs in areas where there is “high risk” of getting your floor wet, for example in front of the shower, or bathtub. Having a good ventilation system is a must too in order to minimize the level of humidity. If you do everything correctly and the way experts suggests, you can be sure you will not have much trouble with your wood floor.

Alternatives to wooden flooring

In case you simply do not want to risk anything with wooden flooring in your bathroom, you can resort to other wood-effect alternatives. One good example is faux-hardwood surfaces, or those that imitate wood and leave the impression you have real wood flooring in your bathroom. For instance, you can use vinyl tiles, which come in a wide variety of models and colours, so you do not have to worry about not finding one that suits your taste. Moreover, vinyl is water resistant and it creates a unique look. All you have to do is find a professional supplier and buy the model that you like the most.