7 ways to customize your car


If you want to add more personality to your car or improve its performance, customization will surely make a big difference. Here are 7 great ways to customize your car:

1. Tune your suspension
A lower suspension can really change the aspect of your car and also improve the handling. You can do it by adding a complete air suspension or just change the springs. Be careful not to lower it too far if your town has bumpy roads. Another option is to rise your suspension with a suspension lift kit if you prefer a higher ride.

2. ECU Tuning
This is the easiest way to add power to your engine, change the torque curve, achieve better fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. The electronic control unit (ECU) can be modified by software updates through a standard interface. If you make a big change to the software you will probably need some mechanical modifications.

3. Custom paint
There are many ways to customize your car, but a custom paint job is a must have. If your car came out of a factory there are many others that look just like it. Personalize your car with a color scheme that represents you. You can go for a complex design or an all black everything look. A custom spray is a great way to do it and another inexpensive idea is to add neon and body graphics.

4. Custom wheels and tires
Equip your car with some customized wheels that will definitely improve performance and make it stand. The right set of wheels can reduce unsprung weight and improve handling. A good set of tires is a worthy investment because it will make your car break better and accelerate faster.

5. Reduce car weight
A light car is a fast car with better fuel economy. You can start by replacing the hefty steel body panels and bumpers with fiberglass models to reduce weight on the front tires, and move on to the roof and hood. The rear window can be replaces with a Speedglass that is 50% lighter. You can also remove your rear seats if you don’t need them.

6. Better stereo system
Changing the audio system is one of the most common ways to customize your car. A custom car must have a nice stereo system with a CD player, amplifiers and subwoofers that will blast your favorite songs. Go for a better system not a bigger one and focus on its quality.

7. Steering wheel
An sporty aftermarket steering wheel will make you feel like a races and give your car an extra something. You can choose a leather wheel or a more modern one with options like Ambient Alert that facilitates car diagnosis. A downside to this is that most aftermarket steering wheels don’t have an airbag.