The Pros and Cons of Using Electric Shavers


The electric shaver was a pretty revolutionary product when it first appeared, and changed the way men tended to their looks. Moreover, it came like much-needed help for the new man of the 20th century, a type of man that worked long hours, or often away from home on business; as such, it was a perfect tool to keep your beard trimmed or cleanly shaven no matter where you were. Yet this didn’t immediately mean the death of the barbershop, and there are still those who appreciate the skill and care of a professional barber and his sharp razor. Is it therefore better to use electric shavers, or should men stick to the classic method?

In this article we are going to weigh the pros and cons of using electric shavers; hopefully, this will help those of you who are undecided to determine what type of shaving would be best for you.


One of the biggest revolutions that electric shavers brought to the world of men’s grooming was the possibility of performing the shaving act without too much fuss and preparation, and even without shaving products. Indeed, for the man always moving from place to place with work, having access to a shaver that doesn’t necessarily use water was a great help, and many jumped at the opportunity. Another advantage is the fact that even those electric shavers that shave without water can be used with foam and water as well, it is up to the user to decide how they want to do it. Moreover, an electric shaver will do its job much faster than a manual job; its fast-moving blades push the skin a bit, thus forcing even the shortest hairs to come up and be cut. The best electric shaver 2015 units don’t just shave, they can also trim your beard, sideburns or mustache, and some can even be used to trim a haircut that has grown a bit awry. These devices are easier to transport, they have battery autonomy, and they don’t stress the hair follicle as much.


With all their advantages, electric shavers do have their own faults. Thus, one of the things that men most complain about in relation to electric razors is that they never shave as closely as a well-sharpened manual razor. Not even the best electric shaver 2015 model can shave as close as a barber can. Although this isn’t a fault per se, some people are bothered by the fact that electric shavers are noisy; most models cannot be used under the shower, even when advertised so. It may also take some getting used to and some practice to learn how to handle your electric shaver properly, especially since different models use different technologies and designs. Because it is an electric device, it requires a more careful maintenance, and is dependent on sources of electricity, even if it has a battery.

All in all, it looks like electric shavers have just as many advantages and disadvantages; this means that it is up to each man to decide what is and isn’t convenient for them, or to give both options a try and get to feel on their own skin what it’s like.