And Then There Were None – Book review


Agatha Christie is known for writing complex mystery books that keep a reader interested throughout the whole story. “ And then there were none” is a tale about a gathering of people who are faced with strange punishments for their crimes. Eight people are invited to the Indian Island. Each of them thinks he was either hired or invited to see an old friend. However the invitation proves to be a trap leading them to their death.

When the first eight characters arrive to the island they are met by the butler and the housekeeper who inform them that the mansion’s owner was to arrive the next day. Each of them finds a poem in their room entitled Ten Indians. When they gather in the drawing room they notice 10 Indian figurines. A recorded voice accuses each of them of committing at least a murder and informs them that the time has come for them to receive their punishment. The first one to die is Tony Marston, after taking a sip of poisoned whiskey. That night is troubling for all the characters. As they remember their murders some of them are overwhelmed with guild while others fear for their life.

As the days past more people die. The remaining characters soon come to the conclusion that no one else is coming and that they are stuck on that island. As they search the island they realize that there is no one else on it therefore they start to suspect each other. Furthermore they notice that each time someone dies an Indian figurine disappears. They try to stick together with only one of them leaving the group from time to time. However this plan fails to keep them safe as more people continue to die.

Towards the end of the “And then there were none” only two people remain alive, an adventurer and a former governess. Although they have conclusive proof that none of them is the murderer ( as the last murder happens while the two of them are together) they still don’t trust each other. Eventually Vera, the governess murders the adventurer but as she reaches her room she sees that a noose is awaiting for her. Conflicted by guild she decides to take her life.

And then there were none” is a story constantly surrounded by mystery. Only in the end does the author reveal the true mastermind. Judge Wargrave was supposed to have been the sixth person to die. However he framed his death only to continue to hunt the others. A bottled letter found on the sea reveals the fact that the Judge was a sick character divided between his search for justice and his pleasure for killing people. After murdering everybody on the island he killed himself in the same way as he originally framed his death leaving the police with an unsolved murder. However he was unable to stand the thought of no one else knowing of his master plan. Therefore before taking his life he wrote a confession letter, sealed it in a bottle and threw it in the sea.