Asian-style wedding


Couples who marry wish to have the perfect wedding, like a celebration of love and life that they will share together. Therefore, couples are free to choose the theme and details of their wedding. They can choose any program that satisfies the desires of their hearts. One of the best choices for the wedding theme is the Asian style.

The bride and bridegroom who love everything that is Asian can have their own wedding in Asian style. The wedding can have the sense of tradition and oriental culture. An Asian wedding is perfect for anyone who wants a touch of the Asian culture. They can enjoy the simplicity of a Zen environment, but also an elegant ceremony. Weddings with Asian theme focus more on simplicity and solemnity of the ceremony. This includes a simple environment and nature. It is all about the pure love the couple share.

Once you have decided to have your own Asian wedding, you have to handle all the necessary preparations. Here are some main points:

  • Japanese or Chinese: There are many countries in East Asia whose wedding traditions you can copy. However, Japanese and Chinese traditions are the most popular. You can look at decorations, materials and all details related to the traditions of these two countries, taking into consideration that the West has embraced many elements of these Oriental cultures.
  • Enjoy the colors: Once you opted for an oriental wedding, you have the freedom of choosing the colors. Generally speaking, white is not the best choice for an Asian wedding shirt. In oriental culture, white is the color of death. It wouldn’t be wise to have all white to a wedding in oriental style. Red is the lucky color along with black. These two colors are considered to be the colors that will bring luck and prosperity in the couple’s life.
  • Simplicity and elegance: An Asian bride will show a natural and simple beauty and elegance. This means that the dress will have to be with simple lines and textures in oriental style, and without too many other decorations. The most important detail of an Asian bride is the hair. This should not be wavy or curly. The hair should fall simple, dramatic to match the simple dress.
  • Details concerning the wedding: You can have lanterns of paper, origami or ceramics decorations. Orchids and lilies are wonderful choices for flowers. You can place small bowls in the center of the tables with white and black pebbles. Consult your wedding organizer to coordinate all the details.

In the end, think of the ideas and tips above, and definitely you will have a wonderful wedding in Asian style.