Baby shower cakes


Baby showers are lovely parties where people – mostly women – gather to celebrate the near birth of another human being, which is why preparing some special cakes, will surely be appreciated by everyone; for this, we’ve come up with some lovely and tasty cake food recipes for you to try.

The first recipe of baby shower cakes that we have thought to is called ‘Chip Cookies’ and in order to follow it up, you will need sugar, brown sugar, margarine and eggs. A teaspoon of vanilla would be of high help as well and if you add oats and flour it will taste deliciously. One cup of chocolate chips and another one with chopped walnuts would help you cook one of the greatest cookies for your baby shower. For the beginning, you have to combine sugar with margarine and afterwards you should put the eggs and vanilla and carry on mixing them. The next step is to add the other dry ingredients and in the end the chocolate chips. We recommend you to put the composition into the bakery machine and wait for 12 minutes.

The second recipe of baby shower cakes that we suggest you to try is called ‘Chocolate Oreo Cookies’ and in order to make it you will need the following ingredients: flour, baking soda, salt, dutch processed cocoa and a cup of butter. You will also need granulated sugar and two eggs, with vanilla extract and a cup of white chocolate pieces. In case you happen to have semi-sweet chocolate pieces and Oreo cookies, feel free to add them in your composition.

Now, in order to have this cookie prepared, we recommend you to preheat the bakery machine up to 375 degrees. You have to put the flour, the cocoa powder and the salt together and mix them. The baking soda should be added as well. As you mix up these ingredients, you have to prepare the cream butter and all the types of sugar into a bowl and make sure they are mixed up well together. In the end you have to add the eggs and the vanilla extract. Put some flour into the mixture and make sure your composition is well-mixed. Add some white chocolate and carry on mixing, then semi sweet chocolate and the pieces of Oreo I asked you above.

The next step is to put some parchment paper and add the mixture using a cup. Make sure it is well-spread over the paper and bake them for no more than 10 minutes. After having done that, let the cookie cool down and cut it into medium pieces. You and your guests will be delighted with its fabulous taste and the baby shower cookie will definitely be used into other types of parties like this one as well.