BMW 5 Series


The best fuel economy in its segment, the best performance, eight-speed, permanent four-wheel drive and a special appearance. In short, BMW 530xd with M Package. We tested it a week and we barely could let it go.

It is not the first time we meet the of 3.0 liter diesel engine from BMW. As with previous meetings, it came with a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. It did as well and excited us as much. This time however, had something in addition to brilliant Adaptive Drive: all-wheel drive system xDrive. Together, the above gives you a delicious recipe on the road. You can go quiet, relaxing yourself at the wheel, while the automatic gearbox and the xDrive grip handles and gear changing, or you can drive like a maniac and go to every corner grip limit without fear.

Allowances are great as usual we have at the BMW, especially when it comes to this unit. The fact is that we drove almost everything that moves in the segment and offers a wide530xd well thought of everything you can wish: smooth and imperceptible changes in Comfort mode, a hint of sportsmanship Normal mode without jumping horse and a “gross” Sport and Sport Plus modes on.

This breaks the myth that BMW said that models of this mark consume much. The Germans fought for years with this stereotype and have achieved remarkable results. BMW 530xd has a combined consumption to 5.5 liters per cent declared. With 0.4 liters per cent lower than the nearest rival, the Audi A6 3.0 TDI quattro. The other competitors pass the threshold of 6.0 liters per cent in mixed, some values reaching more than seven liters per cent in combined – cycle NEDC consumption calculated.

In our test, urban consumption ranged between eight and 13 liters per cent. Difference is the driving style and the city crowd. As usual, the air conditioning was turned on at all times. On the highway, 120 km / h, 530xd displays 1,500 rpm in gear eighth and consumes 7.2 liters percent. If you go up to 140 km / h and 1,900 rpm, consumption rises to 8.1 liters per cent. In rural highway, recorded consumption was 5.5 liters per cent, in a relaxed mode of driving.

Not impressed yet? Well, 530xd is the leader of the segment in terms of performance. It needs 6.1 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km / h and can reach 250 km / h.

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