Can a Water Ionizer Replace a Home Water Filter?


With a water ionizer, you can get ionized alkaline water directly from your tap and this is definitely a great advantage as alkaline water provides many health effects. However, the majority of people who use a water ionizer also invest in a water filter to ensure that the water they consume is 100% healthy, but is it really needed to use two devices at once or use just the water ionizer? You can find the answer to this question below so make sure to read on.

Water purification and filtration

Water ionizers use a simple process to make alkaline water. By connecting your device directly to the faucet or under the sink, the water ionizer starts filtering harmful contaminants from the water such as chlorine, organic waste, bacteria, phenol and so on. The best water ionizer units that have filtering properties use an activated carbon filter to remove the contaminants. The carbon filter is also featured at most water filters and it is capable of removing chemicals as well as getting rid of the foul odor and taste of the water.

Water ionization

Water ionizers can have a small advantage over water filters in the sense that they can make ionized alkaline water, something that regular water filters are not capable of. After the ionizer filters out contaminants, it uses a process of electrolysis where a small electrical charge is introduced into the water through titanium electrodes. Through the process that water is separated into two streams of ionized water: alkaline ionized water used for drinking and cooking and acid ionized water that has external uses.

Advantages of ionized water

Unlike other water purification methods, such as distillation and reverse osmosis, a water ionizer removes only the most dangerous contaminants without removing minerals like magnesium and calcium that has a positive effect on your health. Furthermore, the water that comes from distillation or reverse osmosis processes are very acidic so it’s not recommended to consume acid water as it contributes to the over-acidity of your body.

Listing the health benefits of consuming ionized water

To simplify the numerous reasons why you must install a water filter and start consuming healthy ionized alkaline water, we will list the main health benefits that accompany this dietary change. Thus, if you are curious what makes ionized water so great for your health, read the following lines:

    • Immune system support: By drinking ultra-hydrating alkaline water, your health will receive a major boost as your immune system will improve, your blood flow will increase, the health of your cardiovascular system will improve, you will boast a better resistance during flu season, and so on, all due to strengthening your immunity.
  • Weight loss: Your weight and your health are tightly linked to each other, being overweight or obese indicating the inevitable appearance of dreaded heart health issues or type 2 diabetes among many other potential problems. As you will consume ionized water that has superior hydrating capabilities, your body will work better at its weight loss process as long as you combine this change with eating healthy and exercising.
  • Anti-aging properties: Liquid antioxidants are absorbed more quickly into your body due to drinking alkaline ionized water so you will get to reap another important benefit – maintaining a young skin aspect. Wrinkles will be attenuated, acne will slowly disappear in case you have issues with it, and your skin’s elasticity will see a major improvement as well.

Cautions about consuming ionized water

Water filters are capable of reducing water contaminants to a very high degree, probably higher than water ionizers, but the water ionizer has additional health benefits, that we’ve mentioned earlier in this article. However, ionized water can have some rare adverse effects such as causing headaches for a short time as a result of detoxification effects. It is advisable to start slowly and set controls at the lowest levels when using a water ionizer for the first time. After you get used to drinking alkaline water you can increase the level of ionization intensity. Moreover, it pays to invest in the best water ionizer, one which also has a decent water filter.