Causes of hair loss

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If you want to prevent your hair from falling, the first thing you have to do is a research on what the hair is composed of. After you have gathered this information you will be able to know how to prevent your hair from falling and even how to stimulate your hair to grow back after you have lost it.



DHT is a component of the male testosterone. A high level of DHT means that you will experience hair loss at one point. Over 95% of male individuals suffer from male pattern baldness.

In order to identify the best treatment for your hair loss you have to get to the bottom of what causes it. That is why below we have selected a few factors causing your baldness.

1. Heredity

One of the most common causes of hair loss is where you least expect it,in your genetics.If you have history in your family of male or female hair loss than the probability of losing your hair are quite high.

The shrinking of the follicles causes hair loss in men and thinning of the hair in women.The genes are the ones who effect the grouth of the hair.


The period of time when you lose your hair can be from week to months if you are very stressed.This is not a major problem because the hair will grow back in a short period of time.

3.Precareus hair care

People,especially women,who were their hair in a thigt ponytail or wear tight barids will experience hair loss.But that is not all,even hair products or dyes can cause hair loss.

4.Your age

As we grow old we tend to lose our hair because the hair brackes easily and the ability of the hair to rejevenate gets poorer.

5. Medications

Some medications may have as side effects hair loos.Usually this happens if you follow cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiations.

The good side of all this is that the hair grows back after the treatment has stoped.

6. Poor Nutrition

If you fallow a diet poor in iron,proteines and all the elements that the hair needs in order to be healthy than this will effect your hair.By adding a lot of vitaming and minerals your hair will get healthy and grow back.

7. Hormones

The problems of hormones only effect women when it comes to hair loss and they usually happens when she is taking birth control pills or changes happen in her menstrual cycle.

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