Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

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November 1911. Louis Chevrolet and his American business partner, Billy Durant, build a company that will become one of the best known global automotive world. Taking a step quickly and we reach over time in November 2011. The 100 anniversary of the American company, Chevrolet makes a gesture that European fans of American cars of prestige will not soon forget it: mark the official launch of Detroit in Europe’s latest generation Camaro. Back then, owning a Chevy was the coolest thing you could do and things haven’t changed much over the decades. Nowadays anyone can buy used Chevrolet in Ottawa and throughout the world, curtsey of the amazing second hand car dealers and their impressive dealerships.

Cultural differences between Americans and Europeans are visible immediately after turning the key and hearing the engine. If we got used to the acute sound of sports ranging engines from 1.4 turbo lately to six-cylinder that made history at BMW, baritone sound of aV8 engine cannot leave you indifferent. And if V8 engine is a 6162 cubic centimeters, things get serious even the reading technical data. Yes, it is clear, Camaro sounds in a special way and test machines the symphony pass away literally gives you chills. Camaro has always been one of the best cars when it comes to speed and performance, and even though it is not also one of the most bought cars, it is definitely a dream for lots of drivers. When you hear of a V8 engine, you know you are dealing with one of the best cars money could buy, but remember to look for other technical specifications as well, such as transmission or safety features.

With a six-speed automatic gearbox and 405 horsepower and 556 Nm bearer you expect the sound to be backed by a serious sense of responsibility when it comes to acceleration and pedal response. Only here enters the role of the American culture, which gives you a slap in the neck and remembers that Chevrolet Camaro muscle car is, not athlete. A muscular athlete, not a sprinter at 100 meters. Push the pedal and get a break long enough until you realize that the transmission of the wheel is going to leave the place a little down. Inturns, the coil, box identical curves think differently so that the machine sometimes gives the impression that it has too much power in the second, sometimes it needs a fourth relegation. Partially resolve the problems in manual mode switching, which speeds are changed with flaps behind the wheel.

A 6.3-liter engine is bound to give you performance, even if the model profile is not one carved the image of a sprinter. For this, there is Corvette. Still, the Camaro will not let your eyes open sun on those who will find aggression in the “eyes” to being able to go from 0 to100 km / h in just 5.6 seconds. Maximum speed is 250 km / h.

Although the figures are already quite interesting, Camaro’s behavior in fourth gear at 90km / h is sensational. If you move the transmission to manual mode and press the accelerator to the floor, you wake up to 150 km / h in less time than it takes you to know that you could go up on higher level. Not bad when you need a healthy scrambled.

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