Chevrolet Volt


Regardless of what it’s called, the Volt is simply fascinating. This is the first electric in the world which makes you look at the battery every two seconds, making it simply, a car that you can drive anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Even if the battery dies after a few tens of kilometers, the electric motor still operates some 500 kilometers with “generator” gasoline. A compromise inspired managed from top to bottom. Proof? Volt model is most appreciated by its customers in the entire history of the brand. And that says a lot about a car that is not exactly cheap, so in that case the expectations are very high.

Discussions about the Volt’s propulsion system were so large in recent years, that the meeting with Voltec – its official name – was the one with a model that we’ve previously tested. Although we had not done it before. In principle, the system works simply: with fully charged battery and full tank of 32 liters, the Volt can run over 500 miles. In the first 40-80 (depending on how and where run) everything happens purely electrical, mechanical sound without any bother to your Zen.

Then enter your gasoline engine subtle role. So subtle, that you feel only marginally until chicken is torture such overruns or climbing mountains, where the heat engine should support somewhat higher energy losses. Obviously, as usually happens in causal models with electric motor, the Volt has a function to reuse energy lost in braking. This is the “Call” by moving the lever in the Low box (that is L, the only strange letter from classic arsenal of automatic) when the engine brake is slightly down.

Volt feels great when the electric motor and batteries are the only ones who are the head and the roads or streets, one electric mode that gives you the quiet ride and consumption figures show that satisfaction of the central display animated taste indicates absolute zero. Then, when the battery is empty (theoretically, if you use the machine daily life in the city, you have great chances to run electric only) petrol engine springs into action. Very interesting are the details, however. When you leave the place as a barrier to light or the train (yes, and the Swiss have it, but it takes exactly one minute all scrape), Volt starts using only the electric motor, thus avoiding one of the most large maneuvers “consuming” gasoline. Everything seems and is intelligent, Volt managing to satisfy so everyone in an elegant manner as possible.

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