Clever Tips for Upgrading Your Garage

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Garages are usually seen as simple spaces that don’t imply plenty of decorating work and people tend to leave them unorganized and don’t explore their potential. If you don’t want to settle for a plain garage filled with unnecessary items that are randomly thrown, you can turn your garage into a useful space and you can manage this with the help of the clever upgrading tips we have gathered for you.

    • If you keep many things in your garage, it’s likely that you will need some organizing tips, like building shelves and cabinets that take little space and clear the space. The best way to store small items is to build a ceiling storage system using metal rails and plastic containers that will go into the rails. You can keep here lightweight stuff so you can easily take down the containers when you need to grab something from them.
    • In case you keep your tools in the garage, you might want to organize them in a pleasant way so that it won’t look like a workshop. You can do so by building a wall-mounted bench that also hold the small tools and accessories you use for fixing things around the house or your car. Also, the gardening tools like shovels, rakes, and spades can sit on a rack made from two pieces of wood carved to hold the handles of the tools.
    • To make your garage a comfortable place for you to stay in, you must ensure a proper temperature both during summer and winter, meaning you will have to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer, and for this you will need to helpful devices. An infrared heater will help you keep the garage warm during colds days without using too much electricity, and a tower fan will keep the air cool in summer while keeping a low consumption. This way, you can use your garage for more than parking the car and storing stuff and you can turn it into a multipurpose space.
    • The ultimate upgrade is a garage door opener that makes it easier for you to open and close the garage without getting out of the car. Choose a powerful garage door opener that can operate the door without making too much noise and opt for convenience features like a backup power source, safety sensors that stop the door in case something approaches it, or security features like a lock mode.
    • The garage security is obviously essential, but it is crucial when you have a built in garage whose door opens into the main house. If that is the case, we advise you to equip that door with an alarm and a smart door lock. Nowadays, there are many smart locks on the market, each one more advanced than the other. A good smart door lock should provide you with different access codes for all your family members, and it should also send alerts when someone is trying to access the lock.
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