Cloud-Word App for iPad


The iPad developer has launches a new update called the Cloud-Word App for iPad which is very interesting and ingenious. With the help of this app you will be able to take notes in a very fun and easy way. The Cloud-Word App is part of the note taking apps. What makes this one better than the other ones are the impressive graphics and the cloud animations.

What makes this app very attractive to its users is the thought and creativity that has been invested in it by the developers. Unlike other app this one has cool graphics and it is very easy to use. To use the Cloud-Word App all you have to do is tap the cloud container and the application opens giving you the possibility to start taking notes.

This application is not only just for writing notes, you have the possibility to do research for certain papers and it also includes a huge glossary for references that you can use. When you cannot find a word this application will find it for you because it has a feature that finds words and also acronyms that you are looking for. You also have a text editing bar that you can use. It was design to hide and show itself when you need it.

With the Cloud-Word App for iPad you can easy enter a cloud and continue where you left off your writing. It opens quickly, you just have to tap it once. This app is loved by users because they can send their notes or projects through email. With this application you can also create audio recordings that you can use in you research papers or projects.

Now we are going to present to you some features that you can find on ITunes:
• Create an Essay, Documents, Outlines, Q&A, Reviews and Notes Quickly
• Edit text easily
• Insert picture
• Record/play Audio While working in all modes
• Memorize tool. -Unique Organizer files.
• Special Effects

At these apps for the Cloud-Word App for iPad are available to you at the cost of 1.99 $ in iTunes. If you do not know the proper way to use them the website gives you all the information you need, it tells you how to incorporate these features on your iPad. It is an excellent application and if you have an iPad you should get it because you will need it at one point.