Cutest Toddler Halloween Costumes


When Halloween comes,you have to make sure that not only you have an incredible costume,but your toddler must have the most amazing costume as well. In case you don’t have inspiration when choosing the Halloween outfit, here are some of the cutest toddler Halloween costumes ideas:

Strawberry costume

This Halloween costume is more suitable for a girl then it is for a boy. The little costume is super soft, super sweet and absolutely cute and your girl will definitely have a look that matches her sweet attitude.

Tiger costume

Do you want to get your kid’s inner power tiger out? If so, then grab one of the brilliant tiger costumes for kids and make him go wild! He will look adorable and he definitely won’t go unnoticed. This is definitely a boy costume.

Minnie Mouse costume

This is another adorable Halloween costume for girls. This glam Minnie Mouse costume will look absolutely amazing on your toddler. Minnie Mouse is every girl’s favorite mouse! This Minnie Mouse costume includes a red and white polka dot dress with character cameo and a matching mouse ear headband with bow that completes the Minnie Mouse look!

Lady bug costume

This Halloween costume with the lady bug print is fantastic for your toddler and it is too cute to believe. And further more, your child will definitely love it. Why wouldn’t he?!

Dinosaur costume

This is definitely more adorable than ferocious and the dinosaur cape is the perfect thing to adorn your kid on Halloween as he darts from house to house in search of candy. It can also be customized with your kid’s favorite color combo. This sort of costume can be worn by both boys and girls.

Bag of potatoes costume

Your toddler is so adorable and even looks cute in a burlap sack. Prove it with this totally unique bag of potatoes costume. You can even put your baby’s name and weight on the front to double the cuteness. Don’t worry about the itchy material because maybe it looks like burlap but it is actually made from super-soft material. For sure your toddler won’t go unnoticed.

Viking costume

In case your baby is hair-challenged this Viking helmet with lovely, long blonde locks, will bring out your baby’s inner Norseman and he will definitely love it. For a better look, buy the rest of the costume as well. This is from far one of the cutest toddler Halloween costume.

We hope that these costumes prove that it can be a lot of fun to include your child in the Halloween festivity, regardless of their age. If you want more inspiring costume ideas, check out There you will find great costumes for the entire family, as well as group costume ideas, couple’s costume ideas and even family csotume ideas.