Exotic Filipino Foods


Philippine cuisine is unique from other Asian ones, because of the diverse mix of cultures and heritage of this incredible country. Asian traditions meet Western influences and Polynesian flare in the harmonious mélange of flavors, smells and tastes of Filipino food.

The Philippines is one of those places in the worl where the food is feast for the eyes and a pleasure for the tongue because of its delicious exotic dishes created especially to fully satisfy your appetite.

Alluring on the plate, Filipino foods and delicacies are strange, creative and original. It is amazing how eating one simple dish will make you describe your culinary experience as a mix of different tastes, in a bold combination of sweet, sour and salty flavors. Contrasting pairing is what makes each dish unique.

Filipinos developed an authentic art regarding food, because they see it as an extremely significant element of their everyday life. Therefore, the kitchen became their favorite place of the house, the place where culinary miracles happen.

The delicious exotic Filipino foods are treasured all over the world because of their extraordinary taste, even if they look rather unusual. For example, “bagoong” (shrimp paste) and “dinuguan (pork blood stew) may seem weird, but they taste magnificent and rich in Omega 3. Trying them will surely make you ask for more.

Other traditional Filipino foods are pork ribs with bananas, bibingka (coconut rice dessert), kare-kare (Filipino stew with bull tail and vegetables cooked in peanut sauce), scampi with cononut, nilagang baka (beef soup bones), bulalo (Beef shank), and lechon baboy (roasted pig), and asado (braised meat in soy sauce and brown sugar liquid).

The “balut” is also a Filipino dish. It is an egg (duck or chicken) with an almost developed embryo inside it. This fertilized egg is boiled and eaten in shell. To season the “balut”, you can either use salt or vinegar with chili mixture. Even if it sounds and looks unattractive, it is surprisingly tasty. This dish is sold every night on Filipino streets, so it is not regarded as an unlikely to be eaten food.

The provinces of the country provide more and more exotic foods. This should not be a surprise, as Filipinos tend to cook and eat every living creature near them. Many Filipinos would make use of every part of an animal. As long it is comestible, it doesn`t matter how it looks. Regardless the fact that they are crunchy or slimy, Filipino delicacies are always tasty and healthy.