When it comes to gardening gifts, plants are highly appropriate. For enthusiasts, flowers, trees, bushes are great ideas, because these experts simply love to cater for these plants. Of course, as far garden gifts are concerned, tools or shovels are as appreciated. If the person in question does not own a garden, apartments flowers are great ideas especially since you can now grow plants and flowers without actual soil and all you need is a good hydroponics store, which you can easily find online.

Dracena is an indoor flower, suitable for both home and office. It is an herb with stems wearing a wreath of leaves on top, with the overall appearance of a palm, so its presence can calm the lovers of exotic landscapes with palm trees.

Its name comes from the Greek word “dracina”. The juice of this plant, after being dried, is called “dragon’s blood”, just because of the orange-red color. This indoor flower is recommended for beginners or plant lovers, which are busy, because their care is relatively simple if you know and respect some basic rules. For this reason, the flower will also make a wonderful gift, not requiring too much effort from the receiver. If you have been looking for gardening gifts, then you’ve definitely went through the flower range, but with Dracena you can’t go wrong, as any gardener would like to enjoy flowers indoors as well and, as mentioned above, if you manage to find a good hydroponics store, you can have your own little garden inside the apartment.


Dracena presents as a little tree, like a palm. Its leaves are green, sword-shaped, long during spring and late summer. Its flowers appear only to the old plants. They can reach a height of 120-130 cm. It has a great longevity, even if it is kept in the apartment.

About the care, you should know that the slightly lower temperatures are beneficial – between 18-20 degrees in summer. During winter, it even supports temperatures of 8 to 10 degrees. You have to offer them light but you should not let them sit in direct sunlight. On the other hand, the leaves and discolored if the light will be insufficient and I don’t think you want this to happen.

Watering is a very important process because the amount of water received is vital. The excess of water or the lack of it can lead to yellowing of leaves, and if the moisture is too large, the roots can also be negatively affected.

The air in the room should not be too dry because the leaves become brown and the tops can also be dried. Therefore it is important that the leaves are removed with a damp cloth or spray water more frequently than it should be usual.

The multiplication is another important fact that you should be well-informed about. This indoor flower is multiplied by cuttings. You have to start from the top of the plant or draw them carefully in shoots about 10 cm and then put them in pots with sand. It is very important to know all the rules related to the care of this plant, because indoor flowers require a lot of attention. It is not all difficult to take care of a Dracena, you don’t need to make use of gardening tools like biotrituratori professionali, shovels or rakes.

The heat and the high humidity are very important for successful breeding process.
Transplantation should be done in the spring every 2-3 years. During spring it is advisable to change the soil pot. Pay attention to the fact that currently the spiders and moths that can be very harmful to this type of indoor flowers. Nevertheless, Dracena is a beautiful looking flower and it can turn any room or space into a more exotic area, giving it a fresh look and feel, which is why it represent a great idea for house warming or gardening gifts.