Tips to Get Pregnant Naturally


There are several ways that enhance the chance for you to get pregnant naturally. Below you can fing 10 tips for you to succeed.

  • Have sex three times a week

Regular sex is the best way to get pregnant naturally. There are couples who have sex only when they are ovulating, but this timing does not guarantee a pregancy, because women do not always ovulate when they think they are. In order not to miss a chance to get preganant, have sex three times a week so that you cover any posibility.


  • Use an ovulation prediction kit or fertility monitor

An ovulation prediction kit can read LH surges prior to ovulation and are generally accurate. Fertility monitors can read changes in LH, but also other hormonal changes. Their use is simple and easy, and they tell you when is the best time to get pregnant.

  • Have sex before ovulation

Each month you have a small window when you can get preganant naturally. The egg survives about 24 hours, while the sperm can live up to five days. Don`t wait for the ovulation day, try having sex two to three days before ovulation. If you have sex after ovulation, the changes for you to get pregnant are practically nule.

  • Don`t rely only on fertility charting

It is good to use fertility charting to track your cycle, but it is not enough. It is possible to see ovulation on a bbt chart after you have ovulated.

  • Don`t rely on the calendar method

It is said that the best day to have sex and get pregnant is aroud the 14th day of your cycle. This is called the calendar method and is applied in case you ovulate mid-cycle and have a 28-day cycle. Still, this method cannot determine accurately ovulation, because many women do not ovulate on day 14. In order to predict the ovulation day, use ovulation prediction kits, watch signs of ovulation or look at previous months bbt charts.

  • See a doctor

Ensure you are healthy before trying to get pregnant, so see your doctor. The chances of getting preganant are diminished by untreated infections, poor health, or sexually transmitted diseases. A doctor can also recommend you prenatal vitamins.

  • Have enjoyable sex

Don`t let sex become a job or a just a way of reproduction. This approach is not the right one, as you will become stressed. Spice things up and be creative during sex. Reaching the orgasm is very important because it helps the sperm enter deeper into the uterus, so chances of pregnancy increase.

  • Try sex positions that keep sperm inside the vagina for a longer time

If you want to get pregnant naturally, the missionary position is a good option. Try not to have sex in positions where the woman in on top, because sperm can leak out easily. In order to tilt your pelvis and keep the sperm in the vagina as long as possible, place a pillow under your hips, relax and don`t get up after you have just had sex.

  • Quit smoking, drinking alcohol, or abusing drugs

Fertility is very much affected by smoking, alcohol and drugs, so don`t wait until you are pregnant to quit these bad habits.

  • Never think you are trying too hard to get pregnant

The majority of couples are expecting a baby after up to one year of trying. If pregnancy doesn`t occur within a year, you should consult a doctor.