Efficient Ways to Prevent Bed Bugs

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The use of less toxic pesticides and the increase of international travels made bed bugs a part of modern life. These undesired tiny creatures are very easy to pick up and once they entered your house, it is very hard to get rid of them.

As the best way to deal with a problem is preventing it from happening, bellow you can find some efficient ways to prevent bed bugs.

Bed bugs usually congregate where people sleep. Carefully examine mattresses, carpets, pillows, sofa beds, furniture and all the warm places of your house, especially the ones close to human contact.

– If your budget allows it, change your old innerspring mattress, with a new, memory foam mattress. The solid core of memory foam mattresses is not very friendly for bed bugs who prefer the dusty and spacious interiors of innerspring mattresses. So, read some mattresses reviews and invest in a quality memory foam mattress, in order to diminish the chances of encountering any bed bugs in the near future. Not only will the memory foam mattress save you from a bed bug infestation, but if you read some mattresses reviews, you will see that such a mattress will also help you enjoy a more restful sleep, and it will relieve any back pains from which you might be suffering.

Bed bugs can find a lot of hiding places in your house, so do not hesitate to examine everything that might become a bed bug nest.
– Because of their flattened body shape, bed bugs can easily enter and hide in cracks and crevices within walls, furniture or other objects.
– Try to minimize the number of hiding places. Block and repair any cracks on your house`s exterior so that bugs cannot enter. Birds can also introduce bed bugs, therefore repair window screens. Also seal holes where pipes or wires go through the wall.
– Treat your furniture with insecticides (spray or dust) and take into account the idea of giving away your old furniture which is more vulnerable and easy to conquer by bed bugs.
– Inspect attentively the secondhand furniture or clothing you buy. Examine furniture even before you take it home and wash clothing as soon as you can. Try not to buy secondhand mattresses.
– Reduce clutter in your house and regularly vacuum the mattresses.
– Look for bed bugs before unpacking during a trip. Examine the bed, the headboard and behind it, and the wood furniture (bed bugs prefer wood to other materials). If you find bed bugs, report this problem to the management and ask for another room. Keep your luggage off the floor until you are sure there is no danger of infestation.
– Double-check the luggage and other personal things before you leave the hotel and also when you arrive home. Vacuum the luggage and wash the clothing. For scrubbing different items, use a brush in order to reach places where bed bugs and eggs can be present (seams, folds).
– Wash the laundry into plastic bags if you suspect that bed bugs are on your clothing. Choose the highest setting the fabric can tolerate and make sure you undress on a floor that can be quickly wiped off, so that bed bugs cannot escape.
– Contact a pest control service to regularly treat the home. This way a possible bed bug infestation can be prevented.
If you discovered bed bugs in your house, the best decision is to ask for professional help and start solving this issue as soon as possible.