Fungi on Apple Trees Control


Everybody wants a healthy garden, but there are certain problems a gardener should keep under control. Fungi on apple trees are one of these issues. Fortunately, if the symptoms are recognized and proper control is applied, you can enjoy healthy fruit and a good looking apple tree.



In order to be productive, apple trees require healthy leaves and proper growing environment that offers them enough water, sunlight and nutrients. Fungi on apple trees are a real problem because they can attack and destroy the tree and the crop.

  • Causes

Fungi on apple trees generally find proper growing conditions in wounds left by insects or physical damage on the apple tree. Fungal infections develop especially during wet or warm weather and they are carried by pests, are air-borne or grow in the soil around the tree.

  • Symptoms

There are certain symptoms that point out the apple tree experiences a fungal disease. The leaves develop brown, black or reddish spots, while being distorted or raised. Whitish covering on the leaves, twisted, small leaves, dwarf growth or deformed fruit are also symptoms of fungal infection.

  • Control

Gardeners can opt for either cultural or chemical control. The natural way implies some routine maintenance so that fungi not to find proper conditions to grow. Take away fallen leaves and apples from the lawn to prevent them from attracting fungi. Standing water around the apple tree can also attract fungi during spring and summer, so try to impede this from happening. Choosing the natural terms is an option that can exclude the use of chemicals.

On the other hand, if used properly and according to the instructions on the package, chemicals can impede the appearance and development of fungi on apple trees. The bad thing about chemicals is that they are expensive, they can harm the tree and they can have a negative influence on the environment. Still, taking in account that fungal spores are sometimes invisible to the naked eye, chemicals are effective because they kill and control all fungi.