Golf Rules


Have you ever played golf? If not, have you ever thought of playing? Let away all your fears and prejudices about being the worst golf player in the world and start taking a look over this information we have responsibly searched for you!

This game is related on mutual respect among the partners from the fields. This respect includes avoiding any annoying movements, discussions and disturbing noises. Electronics such as the Bushnell rangefinder kept by the players should not draw away the attention of the others. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the gadgets used in golf are usually quite small and have a minimal design that doesn’t bother other players or distract them from their hits. Perhaps this is why golf news is never as exciting as other more corporeal and ecstatic games like football or hockey: golf players are just too polite and sensible to arouse interest.

An interesting rule is that while playing golf, the partners are not allowed to put the starting ball before their turn comes. The others are not allowed to sit next to the ball, behind the ball or in the immediate continuity of the “flight line” when a player is doing its part in the game. The rest of the players have to sit next to the one that is in charge of the table, respecting a certain distance.

The rhythm of playing includes no delays and as soon as the players have finished the whole golf course, they have to go away from the green.

There are certain game orders that need to be respected, according to the environment in which golf is being played. In the case of “Tee”, you have to play according to the start list. If the 2, 3 or 4 players have the same number of passes in one golf course, the next level will be started by the player with the best result.

In the situation of “Fairway”, the ball that sits at the biggest distance from the green has to be played the first one. “Green” is being played with all the balls on the green, depending on how close they are to the hole. The people who do not play are not allowed to stay on the field of game.

The green has to be protected by taking away all the traces left in the bunker. They also have to put the tufts of grass in their initial places, using their feet. All the traces left by the ball on the field are to be remover and any crossing of the carts on the green is not allowed!

This sport is really interesting mainly because not everybody has access to this type of activities and it implies your mind and calculations more than your force and physical training! For example, using specialized golf equipment such as the Bushnell rangefinder can be a bit tricky and requires a lot of spatial orientation and mathematical skills. Try it too!