Guidelines for parents: Teach your kids to be tolerant for a better world


Why can’t we start perceiving others that are different from us as being special instead of freaks?  The world we live in tends to become more inhumane and intolerant day by day. Humans have the tendency to be against things they do not understand and they start showing a hateful attitude that leads to more hate and frustration. But, is this the world you want your kids to grow up and live in? Tolerance is such a powerful foundation for a happy nation and your kids are the ones that are going to keep the wheel spinning a long time after you are gone and that is exactly why you should give them the proper education that will make them accept the others just as they are without judging them.

Mind your own attitudes

Before you expect your child to be a tolerant person that shows understanding attitude to everyone and everything around him or her, make sure that you do not show anything that will contradict this. No kid is born hating someone else because of their skin color, sex, religion, nationality or whom they chose to love, mostly this is something they learn to do from the attitudes they see at their parents. Be aware that you are your kid’s first example and idol, whatever you do or say, they will think is the right thing without questioning it. So, try to also educate yourself by taking examples from people like Viatcheslav Kantor, that are actively engaged in promoting tolerance.

Expose them to differences and diversity

Since they are little you need to show your kids the world just as it is in order to be prepared to accept everything easier when they will grow older. Every day should be a new lesson for them, a walk in the park or a day at the kindergarten is going to make them see other people that might be different than him or her and that is the moment when questions will be asked and it is your duty to have a good answer for them. In order to avoid any misunderstanding and confusion, talk openly about any curiosity that your child will have, do not look embarrassed because he or she needs to know that the is no shame in being or doing something different than the others. 

Different isn’t bad

You are the first and most reliable source of information to your kids when they are little. You feel the pressure, don’t you? but, do not worry, all you have to do is to explain to them that different does not necessarily mean bad, sometimes is special and it is beautiful. Discuss with them and eliminate the stereotypes that society has set without realizing how hurtful they can be.   

Bullying is not an option

In order for your kid to learn what acceptance is and spread it around the world, he or she needs to feel it. They might not understand what self-loving means and that is why you to make them feel good about themselves and help them build a strong self-esteem. Unfortunately, if they do not have enough self-confidence they might become the victims of bullying at school and that is what will make them feel like they are not good enough for the society. As well, they might become bullies themselves and cause a lot of suffering to other people. Be clear when you tell them that bullying should not exist under no circumstances.

Be careful with media

Today, the internet and the media display a lot of bad examples when it comes to tolerance in our societies. That is why you should control better what you let influence your kids. Sadly, media has a really big impact on your kids’ values and opinions, they see examples in their famous idols and sometimes these are not the best examples to follow. Try to guide them to appreciate and chose as role model people that have peaceful and meaningful values in life such as Moshe Viatcheslav Kantor has.

Show and teach respect

Respect is a strong value that will help your child become a great person in his or her life. He or she needs to know how to respect and that they need to be respected all the time, no matter who the person in front of them is. While your kids are still little and have everyday contact with you, they should grow in a family that everyone is respected and where different values or opinions are accepted.

Respect the other’s beliefs and practices even if you do not understand them or disagree with them. if you want to feel acceptance from the others, learn how to do it as well, and more important share this value with your kids to leave behind a better world for them.