Hockey History


Sports are one of the most entertaining activities for people across the world. Whether we are playing them or watching them we can’t help but be drawn to physical activities. Although most modern sports are presently using the latest equipments made from top quality materials it hasn’t always been like this. In fact most sports practiced nowadays have their roots in ancient games. Such is the case of hockey. According to some theories the hockey history is quite rich and it spreads over thousands of years. Both field hockey and ice hockey originated from a basic stick and ball game played almost 4000 years ago. In time the rules of the game changed a lot until they finally perfected the sports that we are familiar with nowadays.

Various shapes of field hockey have been played throughout history in all corners of the world. Beikou is an old Chinese game that has been played for over 1000 years. The Irish version of the game was called hurling and it was played over 3000 years ago. A similar game was played in Chile around the 16th century. Egyptians, Ethiopians, Romans, Greeks, Aztecs as well as other nations also had their attempts at shaping this sport. There are many other variations of the stick and ball game that are related to the hockey history but it is quite hard to pinpoint the exact root of this sport. However it is believed that the game evolved towards its modern form in England, Ireland and Scotland.

In the 17th century, England had a very brutal approach to this sport. It was played as way for villages to compete against each other. The great number of players( around 100 in each team) as well the concept of pride introduced by the society often lead to intense games that resulted in serious injuries. Eventually the game was regulated in order to be safer and more organized. The first Olympic Hockey competition was held in 1908 between London, Scotland and Ireland.

Ice hockey evolved from the European field hockey. The first rules for this type of hockey were developed in 1875. That year is very important in hockey history as it is the year of the first official ice hockey game played in Montreal, Canada. It was here that the game found the best environment to develop itself. By 1893 this sport managed to spread across the U.S. At the beginning of the 19th century ice hockey also started to attract the Europeans who welcomed this new type of stick and ball game.