How to Draw Fashion Sketches


Fashion figures are one of the most important aspects far fashion school students. Designers use the models to express their ideas and create a signature: each designer has his very own signature figure that is used over and over again.


Usually the figure has very long limbs, is very thin, above average height and with and a body proportion of 9 heads. This means that the total height can be divided into 9 parts that are equal with the length of the head, although most people are 7 heads tall. Your figure must have a unique look that will become your trademark, like big lips or very long legs. These are 5 easy steps on how to draw fashion sketches:

1. You will need a pencil, eraser, sketchpad and a ruler. Make an axis on the paper by marking a point for the head and one for the ankles. Connect the two dots and divide the line in 9 equal sections, numbering them from 0- the point used for the head and 9 – the last point.

2. Draw an oval head between 0 and 1. If you find it hard to draw it directly you can sketch a large circle starting from 0 with a smaller ¼ circle below it and connect them with a rounded line. Half the distance between line 1 and 2 is where the shoulder line is. Draw the neck above it and using the ruler measure the length of 1 head. The shoulders are 1 ½ heads wide. Draw them slightly above the neck bottom line, with the axis in the middle.

3. Place 2 dots on line 2 at an equal distance from the axis to make the bust. On line 3 place another 2 dots with a greater distance from the axis than the bust dots. You can place the dots closer or further away from the axis, depending on how skinny you want your figure. If are wondering how to draw fashion sketches, slim or curvy, you should know there is no right way to do it, it depends on your preferences .

4. At (4) place 2 dots for the hips, the same length as the shoulders. The crotch should be at ¼ head on the axis and under the hip line. On line 6 place dots for the knees with a width of ½ head and connect them to the hips. Connect the ankles (9) with the knees. You can make the ankles as thin as you like. Sketch the arms, with the elbow at line 3 and the wrist at line 4.

5. The last step on how to draw fashion sketches involves line techniques. Your lines must be cursive, without “chicken scratches”. Connect the dots using slightly curved lines. For a strong presence use bold thick lines and for a light figure make the lines thin and gentle. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect! Your croquis is now ready to wear some fabulous outfits.