How to Sell Radio Advertising


Radio advertising is one of the most popular types of advertising. The reason for this is the great number of people listening to the radio. Furthermore unlike visual advertising, radio ads are cheaper and less complicated. If you want to learn how to sell advertising you need to follow a few guidelines. Having a well structured script and an objection manual is essential to any seller. Furthermore you need to convince yourself of the radio advantages before trying to make any sale.

In order to successfully sell radio advertising you should familiarize yourself with a few radio facts. The fist advertising radio broadcast in America took place in 1920. The advertising potential of this channel was mostly noticed during the golden age. By that time advertising was not as well structured as it is today and it mostly came in the shape of sponsorship. In time the radio industry evolved and become more popular. Nowadays over 95% of people listen to the radio on a weekly base which makes the radio a very powerful advertising channel.

Statistics are very important when selling any type of product or service. People tend to trust numbers more than words and are more likely to be convinced by statistics than a nice speech. One of the main advantages of advertising on the radio is the fact that you can reach a target audience. For example a sports commercial is unlikely to reach its goal on a classical music radio. As a seller it is important to know your audience in order to be able to contact the companies that are more likely to be interested in your radio. If they are familiar with the radio format they will instantly realize that it fits their purpose.

When learning how to sell radio advertising you need to consider the advantages of using this channel. Unlike other types of advertising, the radio is very direct and ensures the fact that the message is received. A lot of small companies use fliers to advertise themselves. However this is quite an inefficient method as most people don’t even bother to read the flyers. On the other hand the commercials on the radio are very well understood by the listeners. They raise brand awareness and can put a company ahead of the competition.

An important tip for any seller is to always learn from his mistakes. Examine every objection and turn it into a selling point. For example if a potential client claims that he has no advertising resources at the moment you can object by saying that radio advertising is very simple and cheap. One does not need professionals to design your ad. All someone needs is a catchy text aired at a prime time. As long as the message is simple and direct it will reach its purpose. You need a lot of determination when learning how to sell radio advertising. Try to work hard and keep your enthusiasm even when you have bad days.