How to treat the flu Infant Flu


The flu is a contagious disease caused by the influenza virus and it can be easily spread through air, especially during the cold season. Parents should know the symptoms of infant flu in order to figure out if their children have the influenza virus in their body, but also learn to treat them correctly. Of course prevention is the best option, but since your baby is sick, you must know how to deal with it.

Once the virus entered your child`s organism, its presence can be noticed after 1-4 days. Your infant will have chills, dry cough, headache, muscle ache, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and runny nose. In addition to these, he might lose his appetite, not be able to sleep well or play, and become lethargic.
Fever is an important influenza symptom with comes with nasal congestion and sore throat. If the fever is high, parents should immediately go see a doctor. The limits for high fever are above 100.4°F (children under three months), above 101°F (infants between three and six months) and above 103°F (babies more than six months old).

If your infant is diagnosed with flu, there are some rules for you to follow in order to treat him right. Take some precautions such as washing hands very often with antibacterial soap to avoid getting infected with the virus yourself, as your child needs your entire attention. Also take away all objects near your baby that can be contaminated (bedclothes, pacifiers, toys) and wash them.

Give your child a lot of warm liquids, including soups (if he is able to eat it). Breastfeeding mothers should continue to nurse during infant sickness, because breast milk provides babies with antibodies for helping fight the virus, for immune system rise to speed recovery and also for avoiding dehydration. In case you see your kid tired, let him sleep even if it`s not his usual sleep-time.

Low fever can be treated with infant acetaminophen, but make sure you respect the recommendations on the package or the doctor`s advice. For babies under 3 months, ask the doctor`s approval for acetaminophen. The same is advisable if you consider this medication is not safe for your infant. You must keep in mind never to give aspirin to children, because it is very dangerous for them and it can cause serious side effects and syndromes.

The cough can be treated with warm liquids, while a steam vaporizer or just sitting in a steamy bathroom can make your child breathe easier and ease his dry throat.

The flu symptoms usually last from three to five days, so if your infant still shows signs of flu after this period, ask a doctor`s opinion.