Ideal Places For Traveling Solo

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Traveling solo can be fun and fulfilling if you choose the right option. Below you can find the ideal places in case you want to travel alone.

For melancholic people

If you are in a melancholic mood, avoid crowded touristic places. Go on a reclusive island and enjoy an exclusive resort. Relax yourself and rediscover your inner self on a tropical island, with turquoise waters, luxurious vegetation and breathtaking beaches. If you are a more spiritual person you might also consider visiting some Asian countries. India is a great destination and if you seek meditation and peace there are numerous religious places to visit in Delhi.

For adventurous spirits

Go hiking, kayaking, sailing or exploring places such as Patagonia, South Africa, Australia or the red rock country of Sedona or Grand Canyon. You can consider rafting on the Colorado River, trek on a glacier, stay at a ranch on the pampas or visit a colony of penguins. There are special tours and trips designed for singles, so you can go in an adventure where you meet new people and discover new places.

For culture lovers

When art, history and culture are your thing, you should definitely visit places where the cultural heritage is present at any step you take. Greece, Spain and Italy are the perfect destinations for this kind of trip. Visiting Rome or Barcelona will offer you the opportunity to see historical and art treasures, but also architectural jewels and cultural symbols. If you are interested in getting to know a more exotic culture you should also consider some places to visit in Delhi. This amazing city is filled with tradition and spirituality and you will be able to enjoy a cultural and relaxing holiday here. In addition, the dynamic night life of these amazing cities will entirely captivate you.

For volunteers

If you want to start a research adventure and feel yourself useful, you can volunteer to join a scientific action such as looking for skulls in Tanzania, helping turtles in Costa Rica or researching reptiles in Belize. Still, take into account all risks and costs that a volunteer vacation implies.

For artists

The perfect place when you want to get creative is a place far away from everyday life and routine. Choose an artist retreat in a wonderful and inspiring natural location, or just rent a cabin in a quiet place, away from the city, the noise and the people.

For shopaholics

New York is a great shopping destination, but if you want more, you can always go to Paris, London, Rome and Milan. These great European cities will surely satisfy your shopping appetite.

For people with smaller budgets

Even if you don`t have a large budget for your trip, there are many options for having a successful vacation. Due to the recession, the prices are lower. If you want to save money, you can visit Eastern European countries such as Czech Republic, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia or others. These countries are not expensive, they have an interesting culture and you can also enjoy their dynamic night life.

For lazy singles

When you want to do nothing, take a cruise! All you have to do is relax on a deck, eat well, watch the ocean and enjoy the sun. You can also have lot of fun at the parties on the ship and visit the destinations on the itinerary. There are many cruises especially designed for singles, so traveling solo can became pretty exciting.

As you can see, travelling solo can be fun, exciting, revelatory, relaxing and fulfilling. Just pick a destination and enjoy your splendid vacation!