Modern decorating colors


Contemporary interior design known as modern style may seem a confusing style without strong features and difficult to distinguish from other styles of contemporary design. This style is called modern contemporary primarily because it embedded only the design features specific of the twentieth century, unlike other contemporary styles that still retain elements of design styles of the early twentieth century and even the nineteenth century.

Contemporary style is defined by clean lines that create a relaxing atmosphere, open spaces, neutral colors and elements and materials inspired by nature. Contemporary style decor is based more on material and texture than on color, to create a spacious and visionary point of interest. Granite, wood and rattan in combination with metal can be used for a kitchen in contemporary style.

The most appealing quality of the modern style is the emphasis on open spaces. The space can be enhanced visually, if you do not have a large room with large windows through which the light can enter freely. Carefully chosen accessories are very important in any decor. For a contemporary decor we recommend abstract paintings or sculptures. Keep in all rooms the simple lines and the neutral colors of the contemporary style, placing only from place to place as points of interest small spots of color in accessories or abstract paintings.

Modern style design is characterized by clean lines and smooth surfaces without intricate details. But this does not mean that a house designed by the principles of this style should have a cold look, sterile and rigid. Too many people believe that a modern room offers the picture of a hospital by the clear and white surfaces. But this is not true. Contemporary design plays with light and colors, shapes and functions. Today’s style is a blend of comfortable, livable elements that create a sophisticated and fresh feel. To be able to achieve this look in your home start by incorporating these five basic elements: color, metal accents, texture, wood and lighting bodies.

Modern style suits both for offices and shops as well as for lofts, apartments or houses. A house decorated in contemporary style can be quiet and comfortable. To achieve this style is important to follow some basic rules. Simplicity, subtlety, texture and clean lines help you define the modern style correctly. You need to focus on color, space and form.

The colors of the modern style are neutral and black and white are the main colors. These color palettes is complemented by accents of vivid and powerful colors. Black is often used for floors. The floors are made of wood, tile or vinyl. If the walls and windows are painted in pastels or strong colors, the decorations should be in neutral colors. Architectural detail, high ceilings, simple windows, and geometric shapes are very important. Contemporary space is not crowded, furniture and decorations are few, but highly emphasized.

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