Motocross Training for Kids | How to teach youngsters to ride bikes in 5 steps


Teaching your kid how to ride on two wheels involves more than just buying a bike. Kids must be emotionally and physically mature enough so they can ride safely, have a quick decision-making process and follow the rules. Motocross training for kids require lots of patience and dedication from both the kids and parents. These 5 easy steps will guide you though the process:

Step 1 – Decide if your child is ready
The first thing you need to decide is if your child is old enough to start racing. Kids under the age of four have a hard time getting around the track and maneuvering a bike. Some 50cc bikes have training wheels, and most track allow parents to stay nearby and help the beginner riders.

Step 2 – Choose a type of track
The type of racing can influence the motocross training for kids. There are two types of motocross racing, outdoor and indoor, depending mainly on the season. Some outdoor tracks are only opened seasonally. Indoor tracks are not recommended for beginners, because they have close jumps and tighter corners. Outdoor tracks are less technical and have more room and longer stretches.

Step 3 – Buy equipment
The most common bikes for kids under 8 are 50cc Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Yamaha and KTM with a centrifugal clutch. Most parents want to buy bigger bikes so they will fit after a few years. It is important that the feet touch the ground when the bike is not moving. Lower the suspension and shave the seat if you have to. Proper safety gear should be worn at all times: a helmet, boots, gloves, a chest protector or core protection, a neck roll, long pants and a jacket. If you have a limited budget, used gear is easy to find. Craigslist and eBay are several places where you can find used gear.

Step 4 – Basic training
The motocross training for kids should start with the basics. Lay out a designated practice area, and start from a stop with both feet down. Teach the kids how to ride without looking once moving. Loops are the next step, with the use of breaks to slow down. When they are more comfortable, throw a stop once in a while and teach the standing posture.

Step 5 – Track training

Before you introduce children to the motocross track, they need to be able to master the stopping, avoiding obstacles and shifting. Teach one thing at a time and for longer periods. Have the kids practice shifting for 10 minutes, then proceed by setting up an oval and asking them to break at each end for another 10 minutes. After a 40 minutes training, review each maneuver. It is better to ride at a slow pace on new track layouts.