Multi Tonal Hair Color Ideas for 2012


Do you want to make all head turn and admire you? Go for a multi tonal hair color! The new season offers you a great variety of combinations, so check out the multi tonal hair color ideas for 2012 presented below.

Individuality is the main word for the new season, so you should make bold choices and get the look that makes you different from the others and reflects your unique personality the best. Hair color can be the secret key for getting that distinct and interesting appearance, so try the multi tonal hair color ideas that follow.

There are multiple color combinations suitable for various hair lengths, so it can be hard to make the perfect decision. However, there are also plenty of fashion secrets and hair care products that you have to take into account before making such a drastic change Regardless if you have blonde, red, brown or black hair, there is always a color that can wonderfully compliment it.

In 2012, blondes should go for soft shades, not bold contrasts when it is about multi tonal hair color style. For achieving a gorgeous color union, blonde hair should be blended with soft shades such as soft raspberry, light browns, ash or orange tones. As for color techniques, there are paneling, tone to tone, lowlights or highlights.

Red hair still remains popular for 2012, but if you want to update your red tresses, choose stylish lighter red or brown colored under layers or lowlights/highlights. The winning combination is the subtle contrast. Orange or yellow shades can also be a choice, but make sure the hue is close to your base shade.

Black and brown hair looks great when matched with mild color tones or contrasting shades – the multi tonal color ideas depend on the effect you want to get. For example, if you want classic, choose subtle gold and honey tone highlights.

Before making any change, you should ask a professional for more hair color ideas. In addition, a hairstylist can also provide you advice regarding the best coloring techniques and tips about how to protect your hair.