My website traffic is down, what should I do?


You’ve checked your code for errors, talked to the developer, analysed your statistics inside and out and there’s no other way around it: your traffic is down. Your website, which has never had visibility problems, now hardly ever gets a few clicks per day and you want to fix this as soon as possible to avoid loss of revenue. The first thing you have to do is find the source of the problem; website traffic doesn’t drop for a random reason and once you find out what caused it, you’ll be able to apply the right solution.


Check your rankings

In most cases, a drop in website traffic corresponds to a drop in rankings too, so talk to your SEO company to run a rankings check for your main keywords. If you used to be in the top 3 results but now you’re in the top 10 results or on page 2, then that is why you are getting fewer visitors. Try to find out if you started losing traffic after a major Google algorithm update because that is a time when most websites report ranking fluctuations and it may take a couple of weeks until it recovers. If not, then talk to an SEO expert to re-optimize your site for the latest Google update.


Are you getting toxic backlinks?

High authority backlinks are one of the sure-fire ways of boosting your domain rankings, visibility and traffic, but the choosing the wrong links will do more harm than good and bring your site down. It’s enough for one of the sites that link back to you to be hacked and get a penalty to bring your own rankings and traffic down, so ask an SEO company to check for toxic backlinks and remove them as soon as possible. If you do have toxic backlinks, recovering may take some time, but it is possible with the right approach.


Buy traffic

One of the biggest challenges of recovering after a drop in website traffic is that you need patience. Fixing broken code and getting rid of toxic backlinks takes some time and it may take weeks, even months for your traffic to recover organically. If you can’t afford to wait this long, you can buy website traffic from a reliable source. This solution restores conversion rates and, because all visitors are real and human and stay on your site for more than 30 seconds, the traffic is accepted by all traffic monitoring services. Together with other solutions, buying traffic can save your website from anonymity.


Do you have a robust promotional strategy?

Last up, if all the tests you run don’t point to a coding error, Google algorithm update, toxic backlinks or black hat SEO practice, you should make sure your website is optimised for shareability and promotion. Without a robust long term promotional strategy, good content can go unnoticed, so many sure you’re boosting visibility as much as possible through blogging and social media.